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Poison advice


I was making an elf ninja and was glancing over the poisons, and saw a few standouts. The drow poison knocks an opponent unconscious and has fairly low price tag. Applying multiple coats ups the dc by 2, and you can craft it fairly well since the base dc is only 13. It would also affect sleep immune races like elves and the like.

My question is, does this seem a little overpowered to anyone?

If I wanted to craft it, would base ingredients would I need?

Any other suggestions for posions? I have never messed with them but it looks like they give a serious boost to the already powerful two weapon fighting weapon finesse sneak attack monster the ninja can be.

The balancing factor is gold. I do not know if i get the math right but it should look like this:

Drow poison base prize 75gc * 1/3 = 25gc to craft a dose of poison.
So if you want a use an additional dose to up the DC to 15 your would pay 50 gc per strike.

A wizard can create a scroll of sleep for
12.5 gp × the level of the spell 1 × the level of the caster 1 = 12.5 gp

Now the wizard can cast 4 sleep spells for the same cost as you have crafted your poison. The wizard spell has a DC 11 but does not need to hit and effects multiple target. You need to hit still deal damage on a successful save and you DC is 15 but you effect only one target. You have to choose more wisely if it's worth to use you poison. If you kill your enemy with initial attack damage you poison has been wasted.

Moose27 wrote:

My question is, does this seem a little overpowered to anyone?

Not not really. Its powerful at low levels but any caster will catch up with save DC if you do not invest in high cost/high dc poison.

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