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Decent Proposal?


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Do you have the time and inclination to DM a PBP game in exchange for getting to play in several more? Then this thread might be for you!

I propose that we get a group together here of, say 5-7 people each willing to DM a game in exchange for getting to play in the other group members games. So for running 1 game you would get to play in four or more. Its a big commitment timewise, but you would get a little more freedom with characters - get to play what you want with no pressure to fill a conventional role, etc. - and we could discuss what games each of us would run, perhaps allowing you to persuade someone to run that adventure you've always wanted to play in.

Ideally we would be looking for DMs with at least a little experience. My preference would be to form a likely group of interested individuals first and then move over to a discussion thread where we consider what adventures we would like to run/participate in. We need not be limited to APs of course, or even published modules, if you've always been intrigued by the dissapearance of Nex, or can't get enough Eberron there's a decent chance someone might be prevailed upon to run a game involving them.

Any takers?

Grand Lodge

Thats a big commitment time wise if you're looking at 5-7 campaigns. Are you thinking 1 post a day? or making it a slower game with a post every, say 2 days, 3 days, week etc. I'm interested, but may not be able to commit to once a day on all 7 campaigns.

I have been GMing Pathfinder in RL for a few years now, and have GMed and participated in PbP's as well.

It is a big commitment yes, and thats something we'd have to discuss. The standard seems to be one post a day, and ideally at least one on a weekend and I think I'd like to try to broadly stick to that. We could potentially go with a smaller group, but with the drop out rate being a concern I'm not sure that's wise. 5 is probably the optimum number, for the traditional four man group and a DM, and fewer games.

Its possible we could get several groups together - I'm an optimist - maybe one for those who would like slower paced games.

Grand Lodge

Well, I think I can manage 5-6. Mon-Wed can be a little sporadic for me, but I think I can make it work. I'm liking the sound of it, but I guess it remains to be seen if anyone else is interested.

Lantern Lodge

Interested though I don't know much about Galorian. Mostly done homebrew stuff, though I did have the idea of running a group through the Test of the Starstone.

Also if only three or four join up we can supplement each game with a normal recruitment but giving slots automatically to the other GMs of the group. Would reduce the number of games though (which might be preferable for me as I am in a few already)

Tagging for interest, not as a DM however but if DarkLight's idea of having a normal recruit takes hold. I don't have the time to DM nor the experience, but would love to make a char for one of the groups :)

Grand Lodge

I'd be interested in running the Skull and Shackles AP, doing it with my RL group atm, and it's pretty good.

I think this is a great Idea. I've had a couple of other games dry up recently, so I could probably make the commitment.

I would be game for running age of worms, savage tide or RotR

Lantern Lodge

I excel at spontaneous homebrew so really just give me a theme and setting if you would prefer something other then Test of the Starstone (No idea if there is an AP for that yet, but I'm not refering to it, if there is)

Of course I have a wondrous homebrew high magic and tech setting as well.

Well Age of Worms, and Skulls and Shackles are both very high on my want to play list. I'm not sure about Test of the Starstone, its maybe the kind of adventure I'd like to feel I'd earnt. But frankly with PBP chances to play at high level are few and far between so I'm sure I'd get over that in a heartbeat.

I think we definitely need to save any recruitment of non DMing players for the end, but yes its certainly an option.

Personally I am gravitating towards something a little different. Perhaps running a PF and Golarion conversion of Redhand of Doom, which I've DMed before in 3.5 and found highly enjoyable, or perhaps a Golarion based homebrew game taking place in Nex, Geb, and Alkenstar, the World Wound, or the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.

Grand Lodge

Nex would get my vote, if it's the area I'm thinking of.

Plus as a DM the Mana Wastes are just delisciously evil. "Its a desolate desert filled with abominations created by two of the worlds most powerful wizards and hideous creatures spilling forth from the World Wound, and we can't use magic there? Um, crap!"

Liberty's Edge

I would be interested. I was the GM for my group until recently running a 3.5 Eberron game. My wife is currently GMing.

Currently playing pen and paper

Cleric in Rise of the Runelords (On long term hold)
Inquisitor in Kingmaker. (Meet about once a month, if we are lucky)

Other than these two I could pick up and run any of the adventure paths.

I don't have experience with running PbP but I am happy to give this a try.

I've been pondering running something and am happy to take suggestions, I've got a couple of APs from my FLGS and have done a fair bit of homebrew. As far as stuff I'd like to play I would like to see Kingmaker (or something similar with the building a kingdom stuff) but otherwise am pretty open to anything. I have been GMing since 2nd Ed and have been playing Pathfinder for some time now. Have been doing PbP for 10 years or so.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Charter Superscriber; Pathfinder Maps, Pawns Subscriber

I'm up for trying it, sounds like an awesome idea. I've been dming regularly for many years in rl and recently discovered pbp, am running one and in two. If we even have a couple of us and supplement for recruitments it would work.

Sounds like an excellent idea.
But I don't think I could commit to that much at this time.

Good luck to you all.

Grand Lodge

wouldn't be too bad, I do not think. I have some time, but not sure if that there would be enough time, i could commit to 1 -2 post in one game at at time maybe but if I was GMing a game at the same time it might be harder, so if you came up with a round robin type thing then ya I think it would work

Lantern Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm game for trying it. The supplement idea sounds like a smart idea to lessen the pressure to keep up with more then what each person thinks they could handle

So it looks like we have...

DM Carpe
caffine addict
Robert Maughan

How about we try for two groups? One being the more full on one, 5 DMs, you get to be in four games one post a day; and one being the lighter less than one post a day, perhaps using a few none DM players to supplement party numbers.

I read myself, caffein addict, Fanguar, and Almagafor, as being up for the bigger commitment. Anyone else that would prefer the more intensive grouping? Am I wrong on any of the aforementioned?

Looks good to me Carpe

Grand Lodge

Sounds good to me.

Lantern Lodge

Sounds good. Any feedback on what to run or shall it be left up to me? I have plenty of ideas, just giving a chance for you to voice desires (no APs though, I don't have any)

Which group are you going for DarkLightHitomi? The intensive group? Or the other group?

Grand Lodge

So we just need one more up for the challenge. How do you want to work co-ordinating things? Run everything off this thread, bounce ideas for campaigns etc. and when we're ready to start our campaigns we'll each create one and move to the discussion to sort out who's playing what in each individual one?

I thought I would create a discussion thread attatched to this and then we could discuss what games we want to run and create individual discussion and gameplay threads from there. I'm happy to create a discussion thread for the second group to, or if someone wants to run with that that's perfectly fine to.

DM Carpe wrote:

I read myself, caffein addict, Fanguar, and Almagafor, as being up for the bigger commitment.

That is correct sir.

It might be a bit belated, but I'd like to throw my hat into the proverbial ring herein. My luck with getting into games has been less than stellar, but I have been itching to do some DMing in lieu of that. This is certainly an interesting concept, and if nothing else I'd be willing to give it a whirl!

So, hey, yeah! Two birds, one stone and all that. While I own most of the APs thanks to our local gaming group, I haven't yet finished any of them; our Crimson Throne game now taking a prolonged hiatus due to various family-oriented reasons. My only schism might be that if I were to take up the DM mantle and assume the role of a player simultaneously, I'd likely only be able to play in two rather than the gregarious remainder thereof; three is a possibility, but I'd be lying if I didn't think that would be stretching it for me since I tend to get a little wordy with my posts. But still, if none of that's a qualm for anyone, then marvelous! Sign me up; I have no problem with a post a day or so nor a post a week - so long as it moves along, I'm confident I can commit; at least for the next foreseeable six months.

That all being said, I'm certainly open to ideas on what to run! If it's an Adventure Path (sans Skull & Shackles or Shattered Star, since I don't completely own either), I'm more than happy to oblige in that regard. If it's homebrew, know that I welcome my brain being bombarded by interesting concepts, and eagerly await a chance to flex my storytelling muscles. As far as the player-side of things, I, too, would like a chance to get through at least one of the APs; my preferences lying between Rise of the Runelords and the Jade Regent.

*Rushes into the room breathless* Am I too late?

-I've DM'ed Pathfinder AP's before, currently in RotR on another site PbP.
-Also written my own homebrewed campaign.
-Also enjoy freestyling and coming up with something as I get to know characters.

Let me know what we're thinking!

Please try to say if you are comfortable with one post a day in 5 different campaigns folks - its a big commitment afterall. We are looking at creating one group with that level of intensity, and one with a slightly more relaxed pace, and possibly fewer campaigns. We need one more for the high intensity group, so I'll check back tomorrow and see who is interested.

I can definitely post once a day minimum in any game.

If that's the case, then I guess I'm leaning more for the slower paced game. If it's a post every other day (or some such), five campaigns shouldn't be too much of an issue. As for the once-a-day multi-campaign deal, I think I could wing it, if you don't mind shorter posts of two or three sentences per update.

Fair enough, thats good enough for me. I'll create a discussion thread for the once a day group and we can begin discussing campaign ideas and preferences, etc.

Okay the discussion thread for the one post a day group is up, come on down.

DMPCS Planning Thread

DMPCS Planning Thread

Link fixed

Lantern Lodge

I'm going with the slower group. I like 1pd but with what I have already, 5 is too many.

Lantern Lodge

Here is the thread for group 2!

DMPCS Planning thread Group 2

Grand Lodge

So let me ask a quick question here. Am included in this group or not, If so I missed it I am sorry if I did

Lantern Lodge

Yes you are! Though the intensive group is full so head on over to group 2!

We have a slot for you Tiessa as well.

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