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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

2nd SF Pathfinder Night tomorrow

Local Play

**** Venture-Agent aka Rycaut

Hi all,

I hope many of you in the Bay Area will be able to join me at the second SF Geek Game Night - we have the classic Season 0 scenario Among the Living scheduled. I expect to have a number of new players so could use a second (and perhaps third) judge in case we need an overflow table - running some scenario suitable for new players.

Register at for tomorrow evening as well up forthcoming nights through the end of the year (registration is free but required by the building security)

Note that next week we'll meet on Tuesday Oct 16th and the week following we'll meet on Friday Oct 26th due to prior commitments in the space.

Parking can be an issue so I encourage folks to take public transit (BART & Muni are just blocks away and since the venue is right downtown in SF most other public transit options in and out of SF are fairly nearby as well. If you do drive either park in a nearby lot or look for street parking on nearby alleyways and smaller streets - the meters (mostly) end at 6pm - but watch for commute parking restrictions or blocks with later meters.

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