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Hey all,

I submitted a Quest to Paizo at the end of August. I was wondering what the backlog on those currently was, since I'm eager for feedback and to write for PFS, and if it was kosher to submit more than one Quest?

Paizo Employee Franchise Manager

We currently have a few dozen submissions in the queue. I expect to be able to go through a number of them in the coming month or so, but haven't had the time to review any since Gen Con. Your patience is appreciated.

Feel free to submit as many quests as you feel is appropriate, but note that we'd much prefer to get a few of your absolute best submissions instead of a flood of sub-par material submitted in the hopes of overwhelming the reviewer with sheer volume.

Just following up on this, any word on Quest submissions? I haven't received my rejection notice yet so I wondered if it had been looked at. :)

Paizo Employee Developer

We generally don't have the time to sit on submissions after we've reviewed them to make a decision on at a later time. If we have reviewed your submission you will have received a notice either way.

Hi Mark/etc,

Just following up again. I checked my spam folders and the like, still haven't heard from anyone regarding the quest. Just poking again. :)

Paizo Employee Developer

Repeatedly inquiring into the status of a submission that has already been confirmed to be in the queue will neither speed up the review process nor endear you to the folks taking the time to go through the submission pile. Patience is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Mark, sorry for bothering you. I didn't realise it had had been confirmed to be in the queue and will be more patient. :)

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