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Any advice for playing a crazy PC? Like the nightkin Davison with Antler from Fallout New Vegas.



I had a great laugh while interacting with Davison and Antler in Fallout New Vegas. Makes me want to try playing a crazy PC myself.

Two ideas of my own so far.
1-A summoner who does not know he can command the eidolon.
2-Another summoner with an Eidolon who thinks he has a Eidolon or familiar of his own. Maybe the eidolon in this case cannot cope with having his own, int, wis, cha but being forced to do as his master says, to cope, he imagines he has his own slave/servant/whipping boy. Then he(the real eidolon) does everything to teach the nonexistent eidolon/familiar how to do things. I would think it would be both funny and scary to see an eidolon who talks to his own imaginary eidolon/familiar. Than the summoner can try to get the eidolon to teach him how to do the evolution that makes the second generation follower invisible. Maybe he plays along with the dilution fearful of the eidolon establishing independence or just humors him.

This exercise also reminds me of a time when I wanted to join a group but new I would not be on time due to tournaments I played the same day in the late afternoon. I had the idea of a PC with a split personality or schizophrenia. The character could be an NPC when I was not yet their. When I showed up, a psychotic break would occur and my designed PC would come into play. Something like when the terror got too much for him, a new personality would emerge as a protector or a survivalist.

I guess other ideas ripe for exploitation would be both the alchemists mutagen or a barbarian rage, or when both of those interact at the same time. Alc/Bbn may seem like an odd multi class but I am very happy with how I made it work.

Any more ideas from anyone?

There was a fun sugggestion in another thread here a while ago.

Someone suggested a summoner with an eidolon, except the eidolon is the one bossing the summoner around. So the summoner is this cowering whimp and the eidolon is this big guy shouting stuff at him.

Or maybe the Eidolon doesnt give the Summoner orders, but the Summoner does whatever he "hears" the Eidolon tell him. Which is nothing, but the Summoner always seems to hear it say stuff. And PCs and NPCs with ventriloquism can really confuse the poor Summoner.

You could also buy one of those magic 8 ball things and use it as an in-character prop. Shake it and read it to get orders. They wont be very useful orders.

Or you could buy some of those Story Cubes they sell for kids in bookstores. Roll them and do whatever you think the dice tell you to do. :)


Maybe a synthesist would work for one personality outside the suite and another while in the suite. Problem I see here is that I see no reason the summoner would not want to keep the suite on at all times. Well, i guess some people would complain about him walking around "armed" and "armored" at fancy banquets and what not. I already see that sometimes with discrimination against eidolons not being welcomed inside business'. Sometimes I overcome it by having the eidolon wave it's own coin purse and ask why is she being denied the chance to spend her money here.



I think Dog/God from FO NV dlc sierra madre deserves a worthy mention.

My current 'crazy' PC is a Doom-n-Gloom end of the world prophet.
Cleric of Groteus. Click on avatar for details.

I think I want to try a Drunken Rager barbar. Sounds like such a great concept for an absolute nut character. Dunno if I'd want to combine it with Alchemist, though; yeah, there's the mutagen to think about and a Discovery at 2nd level, but I think I just want to have the character as a freewheeling brawler rather than someone planning it all out in advance.

Shadow Lodge

First off, I'd like to say that you can be "crazy" in a subtle way, and alignment generally won't need to matter.

I play my halfling Magic Word Sorcerer with a bit of a mental disconnect: his thoughts don't always connect, and he tends to have inappropriate reactions. Also, he originally didn't want to use his Magic Words, and refused unless he was dragged into a dangerous fight. As he levelled up and gained more ranks in Dungeoneering, he got more comfortable with them, learned more words, learned to speak Aklo, and resorted to violence with more eagerness. Now he's been able to mutate himself and others, and has been happily casting his spells on the rest of the group so that they've come to expect his buffs.

He's still the only one who knows what Azathoth is, and he doesn't even care any more.

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