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Nicknames for Pathfinders

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Dark Archive ****

Do you have any nicknames for pathfinders? In play or outside? There's one floating around my FLGS. I'm not sure what where it comes from, or why, but I like it.

Murder Hobos

Scarab Sages

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My gunslinger is called "The Doctor" but that's due to having to make heal checks to stabilize down party members when our cleric got downed in the surprise. :)

Dark Archive **

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I don't think I can post the one for my Monk, "Honoured Fist'. Use your imagination for that one. He is still part of Team Monk, though. Ever rock up to a table with 3 Monks? Hilarity ensues.

My lovely Aasimar Paladin, however, has now been reduced to 'Angel Boy'.


"Graverobbers Local, Chapter 732."

Silver Crusade ***** Venture-Captain, Indiana—Bloomington aka CanisDirus

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After rolling a critical hit while using deadly aim and practically one-shotting an Annis Hag, one of the other characters who was being threatened by said hag looked at my pirate-themed character and said "thank heavens for small favors", to which my pirate (gunslinger) replied, "thanks for naming me gun for me, mate."

Shadow Lodge ****

Murderous hobos
free lance acquisition specialists
Organized Tomb robbers of absolom
Bat scouts of absolom
People with vaguely directed violent tendencies.

Shadow Lodge ***

3 of my 11 characters have had nicknames: Snickers (my witch, think about it), Snake (my summoner with something of a speech impedement and a thing for serpentine eidolons) and Sparky (my alchemist, with a penchant for fire).

My characters either go by their first names, last names, or nicknames, and they use whichever of those is their "default" as their "only" name, unless questioned down more thoroughly about it (which doesn't really happen, to be honest).

Sovereign Court *

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

1 nickname and one commonly shortened
Dr Westcrown is commonly called Doc or "the Doctor"

Grand Lodge *****

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Maps Subscriber

I had to laugh not long ago, when a new-ish player called them Harpers!

Couldn't be farther from the truth...

"Pawns of the Ten"

I think "murder hobos" is my favorite.


Not so much a nickname, but I always ask for explanation of how, exactly, the Aspis Consortium are the bad guys...

The Exchange ***** RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

They don't have Glyphs of the Open Road on their bellies.

Dark Archive **** Venture-Agent, Colorado—Colorado Springs aka Dust Raven

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My wife and I have virtually identical rogues we call "Rose & Gil". They are currently masquerading as Taldan nobles and will likely get killed after botching a faction mission overseas.

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