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Pathfinder Society online play?

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

I am looking for a place to play PFS online since i live a bit away from most of the 'local' playing spots. Does anyone have a list of resources where i could participate in games and still fall under the PFS ruleset?

Shadow Lodge ****

There are a few places here, (on these boards). Scroll down to "Recruitment" and/or "Gamer Connection" and just see what is open. I'm running two games Play by Post right now, and I know there are others, some on online table top programs, some by mail, and some by post.


You cancheck places like the Fantsay Grounds site IF you have their software. It is a good suite but can have a learning curve to it.


Pathfinder Modules Subscriber

Yep. Basically the two main ways to do so are either Play-by-post (PBP) or over a virtual tabletop (VTT).

For PBP, I recommend keeping an eye out on the Paizo recruitment forums. PFS games pop there from time to time.

For VTTs, you have the option of tools like Maptools, Fantasy Grounds and others, such as the (hopefully) upcoming VTT from Paizo itself.

These usually have their own communities, such as the Fantasy Grounds PFS Community.

Grand Lodge **

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber - There is a large group of online PFS gamers over here.

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