Walk the Plank Con - Nov 12 - Clearwater, FL

Local Play

Sovereign Court *****

Avast ye scurvy dogs!

Come join us for a day con of nautical and pirate-themed Pathfinder Society mayhem in beautiful, downtown Clearwater!

Just $10 pre-reg fee for 3 slots of PFS adventure on the high seas!

Wear a pirate costume! Talk like a pirate! Win prizes from Besmara herself!*


*Besmara is Paizo's intellectual property and a deity and therefore unlikley to actually attend this event. I will, however, be handing out prizes while wearing an awesome pirate hat. So use your imagination.

Sovereign Court *****

We've got folks signing up from all over the state and it looks like it is going to be an awesome day of Pathfinder-y, Pirate-y goodness.

Come join us, ye scurvy dogs and get your pirate on!


Two more weeks left for sign ups! We have about 25 players signed up currently. Sign up and join the fun!

Sovereign Court *****

Come get your swash buckled in Clearwater, FL.

Just two weeks to go and spots are filling up fast!


PM me with questions!

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