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Build a +9 level spell!

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

Alright, here is the lowdown.. I am playing a wizard in our current campaign and even if he dies the GM is likely to let me bring him back in other forms/names/races. That said he will eventually be gaining spells that are post 9th level.

His name is Lanliss, and he is an Earth Elementalist, if you want to be fuffy. He currently focuses on battlefeild control with an earth elemental minion and a minor in blast and buff spells.
I will cherry pick some of them for use with Lanliss, and others can use this thread to pull ideas from.

You must give a full description of the spell, just like you would find in core including level, name, school, costs, range, damage, results, etc.
Nothing over level "15". Assume that Lanliss will for the purposes of this at some point become a Level 20 Wizard and a level 10 Loremaster.

No reusing someone elses ideas from the thread, but you *may* rework an existing spell that could be made better at a higher level.

I *love* the idea of Create Demiplane, and the battlefield usefulness of pits.

Our campaign is Rappan Athuk, so lots of evil, undead, and the like. Very limited cast times, prep times, or availability of spell components.

Transportation spells will be of little use to me.

All that said.. Have at it!

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