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What are you looking for in a fan site?

Pathfinder Online

Goblin Squad Member

Playing around with building a fan site for Pathfinder Online. Initially a news hub (somewhat redundant right now since all of our info is coming from the Goblinworks blog) I hope to add other features and resources as the community around this game grows.

I've been looking at other mmo fan sites for ideas, but would appreciate any input or advice. Editorial articles, forums, trailer and gameplay walkthroughs... what are you interested in seeing?

Liberty's Edge Goblin Squad Member

Not another data base site that just data mines but does not include any usable information. :)

Silver Crusade Goblin Squad Member

Editorial items and trailers seem like a good idea when we hit that point. Forums, I can't really see the need for them. We have the official forums here (until GW gets its own site!), and then we'll have our guild forums for more private matters.

Once the game goes live, a wiki would be handy, but I think The Seventh Veil already is dedicated to that purpose.

Goblinworks Executive Founder

Thanks for the plug Alexandor.

Goblin Squad Member

Yeah, like I said, at this point there isn't really anything I could post aside from what's already on the blog. Eventually, I'd like to do editorial articles, strategy guides, trailer and screenshot archives, and potentially even interviews with players or designers. thanks for the feedback so far.

Goblin Squad Member

I wouldn't completely discount forums. General forum boards wouldn't really need to exist, but a place for deep gameplay styles and tactics often spring up separately from official sites.

As an example, the old WoW Elitist Jerks forums became pretty much a standard place for cutting edge players to have indepth discussion on playing styles and strategies.

Tankspot is another one that was obviously built around Video Guides and talked a lot about play styles.

Goblin Squad Member

Hey, I know it's been a couple weeks for this thread, but I had another thought. Given that there's little I could put in a fan site that wouldn't already be available via the blog or these forums, I was considering instead focusing on a podcast.

Each episode would feature any recent updates from the devs along with a bit of speculation/commentary. Beyond that, I was thinking about doing community interviews with various outspoken members of the forums here. Given all the discussions and debates going on, I thought it might be helpful if we got to know the person behind the username on a more personal level.

Maybe we'd even delve into some of the more popular thread topics and allow users with differing opinions to speak their minds and have a little dialogue, hopefully being able to circumvent some of the misunderstandings and confusion that often crop up in lengthy forum discussions. The podcasts would be available on a site that could be expanded in the future, and maybe on it's own youtube channel. At the moment, it seems like there's very little there regarding Pathfinder Online.

So, worthwhile endeavor or waste of time? Would you listen? Heck, would you want to get interviewed?

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