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Ideas for Inner Sea Combat!!

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F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
STR Ranger wrote:

The boss replied to me! YAY!

OK so I'll put some cash aside in anticipation for the announcement of INNER SEA COMBAT.

P.S. Don't forget The Martial Style feat chains! Like your style feats but WEAPONS focused.

(Obviously not holding my breath but nice to know the Paizo equivalent of J.J. *spider man reference * Does read/reply to us.)

On it chief! :)

You guys want them, you can bet more martial style feat chains just jumped way farther up on the future Player Companion to do list. It'll be a bit, but keep watching.

And we'll talk about the pros and cons of doing an Inner Sea Combat book at our next product brainstorm

Thanks for the feedback STR Ranger!


Here's a thread for everybody who liked Tome of Battle and Inner Sea Magic.

I put forward a suggestion for a Weapon Style focused Inner Sea Book. The above was the editors response.

Post your thought provoking ideas here.

Personally I see these as Scaling Style feats (like Crane Style) based on weapon styles.


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Combat styles that focus on less than optimal weapon choices would be nice (single handed swords, single hand axes, sword and board, etc. Styles that work on high crit range weapons or fighting two handed would be just a waste.

Liberty's Edge

I'd personally like to see it archetype heavy. Maybe with a lot of lead ins to the Path of Prestige PRCs. And of course maybe another couple Inner Sea PRCs.

I wouldn't be against weapon group feats.

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For Archetypes, HOUNDMASTER is a Must!

I would prefer the Weapon styles were thematic rather than tied to a SPECIFIC WEAPON.

Military and Paramilitary organizations with Prestige Awards.

Some cultural based martial PrCs would be cool, along with possibly notes on some Inner Sea combat styles (and accompanying combat traits/feats/feat chains) for them.

Alternative/new archetype options/mods based on differing warrior cultures etc would be neat also...


What effects should a particular weapon style make in game?

Two Handed- Emphasis on big powerful swings, possibly at the cost of defence.
So 1. Adding nauseated condition with a successful full attack?
Knocking foes sensless?Or perhaps taking the penalty to attack using PA to armor class instead?

Devoted blade- Deal subdual damage to gain healing equal to damage dealt?
One I like would be a feat called GLORIOUS VALOR- your bravery bonus is added to all will saves and CHA based skill checks.
Take one for the team- gain an extra 10ft move to be hit by an enemies attack instead of an ally.

Twin blade style- to me says blinding speed, ripping blades and extra blood.
Eg. Two weapon sprint- while you wield two weapons you may make add an extra 5 ft to a 5ft step you make. This allows you to move 10 feet and full attack. You gain a +1 parry bonus to AC when you full attack.
Tear defences- The enemy takes a penalty to AC equal to the number of times you hit him when you full attack. This penalty lasts 1 round.
There will be blood- Whenever you full attack the enemy bleeds an extra HP for every 5points of BAB you have when you full attack per strike you make. For example if you hit 4 times during a full attack the enemy loses an extra 20hp. You may also move up to 15 feet and still full attack.

Just some ideas

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