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Animal Companion and Multiattack

Rules Questions

A Cleric taking the Animal Domain gains a Animal Companion. At 9th level it gains the Feat MultiAttack which state:

Multiattack (Combat)
This creature is particularly skilled at making attacks with its natural weapons.

Prerequisite: Three or more natural attacks.

Benefit: The creature's secondary attacks with natural weapons take only a –2 penalty.

Normal: Without this feat, the creature's secondary attacks with natural weapons take a –5 penalty.

Say I have a leopard with the Bite(trip), and 2 X claws. Reading this makes me think he has a -5 to the claw attacks until he gets the feat to reduce it to -2.

Yet in the Bestiary there is no such penalty, nor is it mentioned under the Animal Companion descriptors for the cheetah/leopard.

So what so of plus to attack? I am a bit confused.

Bestiary 1, page 302.


Natural Attacks

Most creatures possess one or more natural attacks (attacks made without a weapon). These attacks fall into one of two categories, primary and secondary attacks. Primary attacks are made using the creature's full base attack bonus and add the creature's full Strength bonus on damage rolls. Secondary attacks are made using the creature's base attack bonus –5 and add only 1/2 the creature's Strength bonus on damage rolls. If a creature has only one natural attack, it is always made using the creature's full base attack bonus and adds 1-1/2 the creature's Strength bonus on damage rolls. This increase does not apply if the creature has multiple attacks but only takes one. If a creature has only one type of attack, but has multiple attacks per round, that attack is treated as a primary attack, regardless of its type. Table: Natural Attacks by Size lists some of the most common types of natural attacks and their classifications.

Multiattack does nothing for a leopard animal companion, since it doesn't have any secondary natural attacks.

Bites and claws are considered primary attacks, as as gores, slams, stings, and talons.

Hooves, Tentacles, Wings, Pincers, Tail Slaps, and some others are secondary attacks.

Of the choices of animal companions in the core rulebook, only horses can make use of the multiattack ability, as they have the required 3 attacks, and secondary attacks.

(Ponies do have hoof attacks, but as it is their only attack, they are not considered secondary attacks.)

My thanks. I didn't realize they were all primary attacks.

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