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World Domination, Baby! Help me pick a faction

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Taldor *

I am new to Pathfinder Society, I will be playing in my first session in a week. I have several characters who I can use, but in this almost pulp environment of weekly single adventures, culminating fame, and meeting new heroes on a constant basis, the character I would most like to bring out on day one is my Barbarian, Jitabha Jaganoth.

There is just one problem; factions.

I don't understand all the nuances here, but after looking carefully at all the factions several times I can't think of a single one that Jitabha would join. Partly because she dislikes legal or scholarly types, which rules out Cheliax and Tian Xia. But mostly because her foremost goal is world domination.

Don't bother telling me that world domination sounds evil. See; Rider from Fate/Zero, Daenarys from Game of Thrones, Mint from Threads of Fate. Don't tell me that my character will never take over the world; that's a non-issue from a roleplaying perspective. It is the journey that matters.

The issue is that, well it seems to me like ultimately a Pathfinder has to put a faction ahead of themselves. Now these factions have leaders who must have come from somewhere, and even many of them have greater ambitions than where they are now. But what's a Pathfinder to do if say, for starters, THEY wanted to rule the grand lodge? It's had to have crossed a few minds if this was a realistic setting. Give me some options folks.

Shadow Lodge *

Hmm. No scholars would also rule out Grand Lodge. I would suggest either Taldor (who want the world BACK), or Qadira (Barbarians work, 'I give you... 1 GOLD' is a meme with me and my brother).


The problem is: barbarian. I have one too, and he's pretty hopeless at actually completing any faction missions (which, oddly, seldom involve just killing people or destroying things, his twin forte).

From an RP perspective, I'll recommend Taldor: they're on the move, they'll give you a noble title eventually, and they have a special place for the barbaric sort (the Ulfen Guard).

For what it's worth, my Taldor-affiliated sorceress, Countess Violetta d'Armand du Plessis, would love to trot you out in your furs and greatsword to show off at society parties; it's "the thing" :)


Taldor ***

It is worth noting that a stereotypical Barbarian will have a difficult time completing Taldor's faction missions. The sheer number of skills required by the Taldan missions essentially requires Taldan PCs to be Bards or Rogues with access to Knowledge skills.

World domination? This Barbarian sounds like it'll fit right into Andoran.


Taldor *

Is it possible to get a little more info on what it takes to complete Taldor missions? I carry all 3 social skills, and I'm usually a resourceful player (though I don't know how creative I can be in the society).

Taldor ***

I did a study on this for another thread somewhere. Without spoiling too much, Season 3 Taldor asks for the social skills, the perception skills, the stealthy skills, and various Knowledge skills, even including Knowledge(architecture).


Taldor *

Social, Perception, I think I can do these things. For Knowledge, could I not just social over another player or NPC for help?

Mattastrophic wrote:

It is worth noting that a stereotypical Barbarian will have a difficult time completing Taldor's faction missions. The sheer number of skills required by the Taldan missions essentially requires Taldan PCs to be Bards or Rogues with access to Knowledge skills.

World domination? This Barbarian sounds like it'll fit right into Andoran.


Haven't found this at all - doing fine with the Taldan missions playing a monk. Granted I had to hire an expert to complete one of them, but hey...

Cheliax *

So, I'm down with World Domination. I'm down with Barbarian. All of these things work in the Society (we've allll got agendas and quirks).

But why, if the character dislikes scholars and scholarly pursuits, is the character an agent of a society founded on the search for lost knowledge? Part of why so many factions hinge on these things is because that's what the Society is about.

Taldor *

I actually hate that I'm forced to join the Pathfinders to play at all, it stinks of video game rpgs when we should be above forced character choices. But I AM forced if I want to play Pathfinder right now.

Also in general the pathfinders come across a great number of powerful artifacts, money, political power, and assuming my character just started her quest for World Domination it's not a bad starter for a penniless level 1 Barbarian.

Andoran ***

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Card Game, Companion, Modules Subscriber

Well, if you are interested in ancient artifacts, and willing to be a bit twisty in your thoughts, Osirion might be the way to go, instead of the degenerate, incompetent Taldan route.

Sczarni **

For all of the fancy hats I had to retrieve for that incompetent Taldan fool (By Asmodeus' goatee, the man couldn't even spell his own name!*), the rest of his faction is now rather indebted to me and mine, despite his *ahem* absence... If you are looking to rule the world, a good way to do so is to ensure that everyone that's anyone owes you enough favors that they are forever in your debt.

*Look at the Season 1 and 2 Taldor faction missions. His name is printed Baron Jacquo, but he signs it Baron Jaquo. Apparently he was too busy admiring his fancy hats to pay attention to how he signs his letters to his minions...

Silver Crusade **

Andoran missions tend to lack subtlety. A barbarian would fit in rather nicely. Take over the world? Osirion will get there, given enough time and artifacts? Taldor? Their leader is an incompetent fop who sends his lackeys out to pick up pictures and tea sets for his home.

If you want to pass faction missions, Andoran is the way to go. If you want to RP a plotting to take over the world faction, Osirion is good. hilarious. Bless their devil besotted hearts...

Shadow Lodge **

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If you want to rule the world, taking control of the pathfinder society is a great start.

If you want to control the pathfinder society, getting elected/chosen/whatever to the deciemverate is a good start.

If you want to get elected/chosen/whatever to the deciemverate, showing your loyalty in the grand lodge is a good start.

DOn't take over the world, get direct TV....

Cheliax *

Perhaps you might enjoy the campaign more if you don't make a character that is opposed to the basic ideas behind the society. No one is forcing you to play a scholar hating barbarian, other than yourself. If your buddy was running a campaign where Orcs are the big villian, if you choose to play an orc you're like not going to enjoy the game as much as someone who isn't purposefully opposing the GM's story.

Such a concept doesn't have to be at odds with the Pathfinder Society, though. The, I think it's called Scarzini, or something like that, faction is all about using the society for personal gain and profit.

However, if you are serious about taking over the world, you should join team Cheliax. Don't listen to the Taldorans, there time has come and past, and their empire is on the decline. Team Cheliax offers power for those worthy to take it, and soon all of Golarion will bow before the perfect order of Cheliaxian rule. It's your choice if you want to be trampled underfoot, or do the trampling yourself.

Shadow Lodge **

Taldor is the bomb, but I think it can be tough for a Barbarian to complete lots of diplomacy to complete faction missions. I recommend going with Szcarni. Lots of missions where you just have to destroy evidence or knock someone down a peg.

Andoran **

Yeah Szcarni is all about personal reward and personal achievement. Im surprised so few people have mentioned them. Im in the same position. I have just finished First Steps Part 3, and need to choose my faction before next session. I have a Wizard who is very much the Knowledge seeker type. Hes from Rahadoum and embraces their atheist policies.

ive actually thought about the Szcarni because of their whole reward and knowledge for ones own benefit. Osirion is also a natural choice.

However due to the events in those series of modules, the Shadow Lodge seems also very interesting.

Sczarni **

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Guys, it's Sczarni, not Szcarni...

But yes, the Sczarni faction is great for an underhanded, profit-seeking, sleezebag. Besides, they're some of the best written, most entertaining to read, faction missions I've seen. My favorite example is the one out of Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment.

Of course, there's little that beats "Delectable Flesh Puppet"... Oh, Zarta...

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