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Endless - A tactical fantasy miniatures game | Kickstarter Now Live!


Kickstarter Link

Endless: Fantasy Tactics is a tactical miniatures game designed by On The Lamb Games. With a focus on boutique style miniatures and an art aesthetic harkening back to console RPGs of the 90s, you can build your own custom team of knights, wizards, and monsters. Equip them with items and pick their abilities. Fight it out in story scenarios, or recreations of your favorite games. A standard game takes about 20 to 30 minutes to play with 5-10 miniatures and uses a D6 pool-based system of gameplay.

You can download the Work-In-Progress Quickstart Rules here.

Our goal is to get the initial figures sculpted and cast, and as we progress stretch goals add more artwork to the rulebook. For the Kickstarter and retail release, we’ve sorted starter sets into themed Elemental Crystal Chests, but you can easily pick and choose your perfect party once you have the models in your hands. Additional funding will be used to cover additional Crystal Chests and models added to each Crystal Chest, along with getting a printed Full Color Hardback edition made.

If you visited our booth at GAMA Trade Show or Adepticon you would have seen the first sculpt of the Sorcerer by Daniel Fokine. Brother Vinni has done the Dragoon, and we plan to have a number of talented sculptors join the range.

Endless uses 40mm (Avg to Top of Head) miniatures on a 25mm/1” square grid. Unlike most other miniatures games, Endless does not feature faction specific models. All models are available for use by any player, and can easily be mixed and matched to suit any personal taste or play-style.

These guys are legit, super enthusiastic, and have a lot of good ideas about how gaming should be. Check out this KS.


I'm in for this one too. Granted, I've gotten a little bit crazy with mini Kickstarters lately, but this is one of my favourites. The figures have a lot of character and the game itself looks like a lot of fun. I'm especially looking forward to seeing how the earth chest critters turn out.

I'm a backer for this, and I sincerely wish them the best. But boy, they have been having problems gaining any kind of momentum.

At least they've hit their basic funding and the first stretch goal. Here's hoping the pace picks up.

Hey folks, we've only got 6 days left. We've shown alot of new art and adjusted the stretch goals to be a little lower.

For anyone who hasn't backed and was interested On The Lamb have added a lot in the last couple of days. I've been a big fan of it from the beginning, but it's getting even better now so take a look! I really hope there's a last minute surge so we unlock some of the later goals too, there are some really interesting pieces in the later stages.

It is in the final couple days now. Pretty much your last chance to get in. I highly recommend it, they need the cash to get started and you can get some really cool miniatures with it.

Additionally, in the last week they unlocked a lot of the lower levels meaning you can get the Miasma and Void chests (includes the Pugilist, Dark Priest, Chemist, Thief and more). Definitely worth a look!

21 Hours Left!

Kick starters like this always coome up just as I reach the end of my luxuries budget for the pay period.Pity

2 hours to go, and they've been both up and down and all around town -- if you're inclined to chip in, now's the time!

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