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[Center Stage Miniatures] Demons and Devils minis!


Seriously? No one has posted their Kickstarter here yet? These minis are AWESOME, and perfect sculpts for old-school gaming as well as current. The scuplts are based more on historical art and architecture from my point of view, less on the super-sized manga-esque feel. so, to each their own.

But they are some great offerings, check 'em out!



BTW, this is not intended to be spam or really advertising. I am in no way affiliated with the CSM guys, just thought people might be interested.


I'm in at the $75 level right now, with pretty much everything added. I'm really hoping we get to $40,000 ^^

Fascinating-eve wrote:
I'm in at the $75 level right now, with pretty much everything added. I'm really hoping we get to $40,000 ^^

Man, I'd pay for the concept art for this one!

Tiamat "mini"

Grand Lodge

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I have to admit I don't understand their pricing structure

yep. im bit confused too. but one cant do with enough demons and devils


Moved thread.

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