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POLL: Who Won The 'First' Presidential Debate 2012 ?

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I'm a little fuzzy in the memory department right now regarding where I saw it, but I think I read something about Obama welcoming a judicial review of the whole "trampling on the Bill of Rights."
I think it was to the tune of him approving the NDAA bill with the intention of having it challenged and struck down, thereby providing precedence against anything similar happening down the road.
I might be wrong, though...

As for who won the debate?
Rocky Anderson did. With Jill Stein coming in at second place.
What? You thought it was only between Romney and Obama? Well, the two parties would like you to think so, but there are other candidates out there.
Here's the whole debate with Rocky Anderson and Jill Stein debating the same questions and on the same terms alongside Romney and Obama.

The losers, though? The American people for being misled to only think they have to vote for one of the two lesser evils.


Ok. The poll results have stabilized. Apparently, it is a crushing victory
for Romney.


================================ END OF POLL ================================



R$ got about a 2 point bump in the polls. Obama still leads, but not as comfortably.

He also told 27 myths in 38 minutes.

It was a charming dance, but ultimately not convincing. Obama wasn't ready to debunk that much unexpected BS that fast. Romney continues to say whatever he thinks people want to hear, but the specifics of his campaign make it clear that he can't do all that he promises.

Grand Magus wrote:


Ok. The poll results have stabilized. Apparently, it is a crushing victory
for Romney.

A crushing victory leaves your opponent crushed. Obama is still favored with an 80% chance of winning the election. At best, this can be called a "slightly inconveniencing victory" for Romney.

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