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FPS Game @ Gamer Apocalypse in Orange Park, FL

Local Play


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I'm trying to get a regular gaming going on Sundays at the Gamer's Apocalypse in Orange Park Florida.

I'm running a regular table with 3 to 4 players showing up every sunday and would like 2 more to round it out.

Below is the calender event

This month we're doing The Devil You Know, Among the Living/Dead/Gods or We Be Goblins depending on what the table vote is.


We had a good turn out on the 7th of October.. 2 curious bystanders and enough players to play We Be Goblins! Fun was had and lost of goblins and other critters were set on fire and blown up!

So, for the 14th we'll be starting with 'The Devil you Know'#1: Shipyard Rats. I hope to see our regulars and semi-regulars at the table!

Grand Lodge ****

Well the 14th went well. Got Shipyard rats done.. with FIVE players.

Next week will be the same time and same place. Gamer Apocalypse with hopefully the same players.

Grand Lodge ****

Had a full table.. got to play with the VC James making one of his rare PC plays. There were many color sprays and summoned dogs and the Alchemist hitting himself with his own vial of acid.

Hopefully we'll resume the 2nd part of Before the Dawn next sunday! (the 28th)

Sovereign Court ***** Venture-Captain, Florida—Jacksonville aka Corax "the honest thief"

i had a good time :-) maybe i will get a chance next sunday :-) it was good to see all those fresh faces and old alike. if you end up with one more we will have to splot into another table or i will have to sit it out :-) which is okay. seeimg you cringe on the otjer side of the screen was great and worth it .

Grand Lodge ****

There were DOGS! it was all good.. 'Oh no.. you killed the dogs.. here.. have MORE DOGS.. Fiendish Dogs! Flamking with Feather token (Whip)"

Lots of DM learning.. its' good. :D

Grand Lodge ****

Great Turnout on Oct 28th. Fun was had.. Lessons learned (friendly fire.. isn't.. and thou shalt not Jinx the GM's dice.. 14 potential crits were rolled.. many confirmed!)

Nov 4th is our next game day and it looks like we'll be doing The Devil You know Part III next.

Grand Lodge ****

Awesome game on the 4th of Novemember. We're going to be doing the last part of 'The Devil You know' on the 11th of November.

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