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Front line PC Ideas needed

Shattered Star

Liberty's Edge

Hey guys,
I am going to be playing in a Shattered Star game this weekend and I was allotted/volunteered to play the front line heavy. I was wondering what you guys thought is the idea front liner? I was leaning towards barbarian.

My group consists of a Witch, an Archery focused switch hitter ranger, A rogue, and a sorcerer.

I want suggestions I kind of want to be a little OP since the rest of the group is relatively new to the game.

Thanks for all the help!

If your DM gives your group a wand of cure light wounds a barbarian should work . Otherwise go fighter

Grand Lodge

Daaamn dude - you ARE the muscle. Yep go Barbarian, and if you can stand to do so? Dump down on the Cha and Int some - The Ranger, Rogue should have skills covered, the Sorcerer Rogue should have the social covered, the Witch and Sorcerer should have the magic covered. You can build a BIG slab of meat warrior knowing that the party have other aspects covered.

That said? I would also see if you can buy, craft, find a Wand of Infernal Healing. Cure Light Wounds can be used by the Ranger / Witch but if they are down, the Infernal Healing wand can be used by the Witch / Sorcerer.

I love built in redundancy in parties.

I would have gone with a cavalier.... tactician and team work feats work well with bigger groups.

Look at this build, it can be done with a human or half-orc too.
Human even opens up a weapon finesse build. Switch from katana to aldori dueling sword or scimitar. Scimitar get the feat for DEx based damage, aldori sword go into Aldori Swordlord PrC first level asap.
Also can get advanced debuffing and boni from order of the cockatrice dazzling display with performance feats.

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