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Warped Warrior


As a long time fan of Celtic mythos, wonder if anyone's came across rules/archtypes/rage powers for a Warped Warrior style barbarian?

Fundamentally thinking someone who "hulks up/warps" becoming a Large sized "warped" form (with all the bonuses/penalties that come with it)

Cheers ahead o' time


There was a Slaine rpg a few years back; I never got around to picking it up.

Good call - forgot about that... good old Slaine Mac Roth - anyone got the game or can shed light on Warp mechanics? Could it translate to an archtype/rage powers??

I seem to recall there being a barbarian prestige class in the D&D v3.5 Player's Guide to Arcanis called Warped One which did something along those lines. I'll try to remember to dig it out when I get home and post the details.

Cheers man - much appreciated

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So, normal guy, who becomes "warped", or "warped" guy who becomes more so?

Either... Most barbarians are typically not "normal" but either type would work...

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

An Alchemist/Barbarian combo probably best suites this.

If you choose Human, then the Racial Heritage feat can get you some strange powers and abilities.

Are you looking for a strength, or dexterity build?


Yeah considered the Alchemist/Barbarian combo; wondered if any archtypes covered it too...

Check out the 3.5 Goliath race from races of stone. They're medium and can use large weapons and count as large when beneficial for modifiers. They get a Barbarian alternate for rage called "Mountain Rage." Works the same, but you also literally grow several feet taller to large size, acquiring the reach and size penalties to attack/AC. The "powerful build" is basically subsumed.

It was a really cool feature, I would intentionally wait to use it until a few rounds into combat so it would be the thing that "turned the tide" of the battle. :)

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What books are allowed?

What races are allowed?

Any book or source - just want to pick folks brains and knowledge :)

Races - ideally human, but interested in whatever comes up.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

How do you feel about Aasimar or Tiefling?

Both can be of Human heritage.

Warped One (Player's Guide to Arcanis)

Alignment: Any chaotic
Base Attack: +6
Feats: Endurance, Iron Will,
Special: Ability to rage, obscure racial requirements from the Arcanis campaign setting

Hit Die: d12
Skill Points: 4 + Intelligence modifier
Class Skills: Balance, Climb, Craft, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Spot, Survival, Swim
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Simple and martial weapons. Light and medium armor. Shields.
Base Attack: Full.
Saves: Good Fort, poor Ref and Will.

Level 1

Twisted Form: Hulks out into a twisted visage...blah, blah, blah...paraphrasing rules...Takes two remaining rage uses for the day (perhaps 2 rounds of rage per round if you translated it to PF). Additional +2 Str, Con, and Will, and +2 natural armor while raging, but AC penalty increases to -6 instead of -2. When rage ends, exhausted for 1 hour, then fatigued for an additional hour.

Path of Rage: Must advance to 10th level in prestige class before taking levels in any other class.

Additional Rage: At 1st, 5th, and 10 level gain 1 extra rage per day (for PF I'd probably just grant the Extra Rage feat at those levels).

Level 2

Unnatural Endurance: Blah, blah, blah...unstoppable...blah...lots of flavor we go...One round before rage would en, he may use to additional daily rage attempts to renew rage. Half of all damage suffered during the renewed rage is non-lethal, and gain the effects of burst of strength, automatically failing the saving throw vs the Con damage when the rage ends (see below). Rage lasts for only a number or rounds equal to Con modifier (ignoring rage modifiers). When renewed rage ends fall unconscious for 1 hour (unable to awaken under any circumstances), then exhausted for 1 hour, then fatigued for 1 hour.

Level 4

Burst of Strength: Once per day, during a rage, gain +1 Str per Warped One level for duration of rage. During this time the Warped One suffers 1 point of non-lethal damage per Warped One level per round. When the rage ends the Warped One must make a DC 20 Fort save or suffer 1d6 Con damage.

Level 5

Twisted Visage: When using twisted form radiate a fear aura while rage persists. Opponents within 30 ft. must make a DC 10 + 1/2 Warped One's HD + Cha modifier or become shaken. Mind-affecting, fear. Opponents who succeed are immune for the day.

Level 7

Dire Rage: Option to be enlarged (per enlarge person) while using twisted form, free action to activate and can be activated at any point in rage, but doesn't end until rage does.

Level 8

Twisted Soul: While using twisted form, SR 15 + Warped One levels.

Level 10

Juggernaut: Blah, blah, blah...we like the word "unstoppable..." While using Dire Rage gain fast healing (non-lethal damage only) 5, DR 10/-, and gain 2d6 base damage Trample attack along with the Improved Overrun feat (may attempt 1 + Dex modifier Overrun attempts per round).

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Is 3.5 and 3rd party material allowed?

I see some suggestions for it, so I ask.

If you are ok with alchemist I think I found exactly what you are looking for here.

It is the master chemist, basically an even more hulked out alchemist. It focuses on mutagens and has some really neat special rules. First one triples the length of your mutagens and can force you to take your hulk form if you suffer criticals or fortitude saves. So you get hurt and you esplode!
Second one gives you an alter ego. When you mutate you get a second "personality" that can be great for roleplaying possibilities and can be purely chaotic if you want. You could be a neutral good 'ferral warrior' and a chaotic evil 'monster' when you hulk out. RP it as you dont want anyone to know and try to hide it like superman did could also be great fun! You also can design the alter ego to appear as just about any other race. make it look half dragon or half demon if you wanted!
Third one is you gain extra damage with natural and simple weapons. So if you are going feral mutagen you would gain +2 'free' damage at 3rd, 7th, and 9th level. The fighter gains +1 at 5, 13, 17. Your second rank is worth as much as the fighters lvl 17 ability, so no small amount.
lastly, you can gain advanced mutagens, with some nice ones like;

advanced mutagens wrote:
Growth Mutagen (Su): When the chymist assumes her mutagenic form, she increases one size category, as if under the effects of an enlarge person spell. The character must have an effective alchemist level (alchemist level plus chymist level) of at least 16 and must know the enlarge person, giant form I, or polymorph extract to select this ability.


advanced mutagens wrote:
Extended Mutagen (Ex): The duration of the master chymist’s mutation is doubled.


advanced mutagens wrote:
Burly (Ex): In her mutagenic form, the master chymist’s heavy physical frame gives her an alchemical bonus on Strength checks, Constitution checks, and Strength-based skill checks as well as a bonus to CMB and CMD. The bonus is equal to half the master chymist’s class level.

that could allow you to build an interesting grappler or sunderer/tripper.

The class does have 3 big problems. Extracts, discoveries and entry level.
You lose out on extract levels and your extracts will not be as strong because of it. But since you want to build a hulker more than a smart guy, this probably wont be a problem.
Sadly discoveries and advanced mutagens are not the same thing. you cannot select a discovery instead of an advanced mutagen and vice-versa. This is a problem because there are a lot of good discoveries at later levels like alchemical Simulacrum, elixer of life, eternal potion or mummification. You will also never get a grand discovery. Talk to your gm, if you are lucky, he will at least let the levels stack so that you could pick one up with extra discovery.
By the time this becomes available and by the time you get some of the interesting perks of this class, you will already be in the early/mid teens as far as levels go. This means that you will get little benefit in a short, early level only game. You would have to be in it for quite a few levels to get what you want. Sadly growth mutagen is gotten at level 16! That is the worst of it, but by that time you can easily be in mutagen form 24/7. That means permanent enlarge person and its supernatural so cannot be dispelled 8D

If I were building it I would probably go vissectionist/beastmorph alchemist with feral mutagen and run from there. Have fun XD

I just found the Celtic 2e. Green Book at HPB; been looking for that for years.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

OP, please start a thread about a suitcase full of money, so I can find one of those.

Hey ringtail, I really like that class! from the sounds of it, that is 4E? I dont really know much beyond pathfinder.
I could see a barbarian 5, horizon walker 2 (something like here) going into this as being a lot of fun!
Basically barbarian nets you roused anger (can rage while fatigued, become exhausted after) and horizon walker grants you exhaustion immunity, allowing you to ragecycle and make great use of furious finish.
All in all, the class has quite a bit of interesting rules (altho I dont like path of rage much :P) and I love the dire rage and burst of str rules. I could see invulnerable rager (for the non-lethal dr), horizon walker (for exhaustion immunity, and possibly fatigue immunity) and the feats, raging vitality, raging brutality stacking nicely with this class for insane boosts to str and con and using both to inflict damage.

Edit: almost forgot to include that link.

Appreciate the feedback folks - plenty to consider :)

@ Ringtail - Love the Warped One - cheers, exactly what I was looking for; not too difficult to qualify for also...

@ Gobo - yeah nice options re: alchemy. Had thought of that pathway, various chewed roots or blood/pastes to activate etc.

Wait, is this based off Cu Chulainn's warp frenzy?


Yes lol and not just his but Finn MacKools and the firbolgs as well

Finn MacKool had a warp frenzy, too?

How come I've never heard of that before?

Wasn't it called riastradh?

The NPC wrote:
Wasn't it called riastradh?

or something close to that, yeah.

another way to pull something along these lines would be synthesist summoner--you can basically fine-tune your "rage" form (does mutagen or rage stack with the replaced stats of the worn eidolon?) take up the terrifying/unnatural auras and go to town.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Sorry, I keep thinking of those touched by The Warp.

Too much 40k.


I think that the Eldritch Heritage (Bloodline : Orc) feats could fit this character. They get STR bonus and the power to Enlarge (for even more STR bonus) for a limited time each day.

Gobo Horde wrote:
Hey ringtail, I really like that class! from the sounds of it, that is 4E? I dont really know much beyond pathfinder.

Arcanis was 3.0 or 3.5 (not sure which). Wonderful setting and interesting PrCs

Another way to do it is the Chaos Totem Rage powers - sounds pretty warp-spasm-ish to me.

The black raven wrote:
Gobo Horde wrote:
Hey ringtail, I really like that class! from the sounds of it, that is 4E? I dont really know much beyond pathfinder.
Arcanis was 3.0 or 3.5 (not sure which). Wonderful setting and interesting PrCs

Arcanis, I believe, started in 3.0 with a slimer, paperback campaign setting, and in 3.5 came out with a player's guide that was both in hardcover and paperback. They now make their own system, which I haven't had the chance to play, but looks wonderful while reading.

It can be found here.

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