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New GM Question - Items Found

Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

Grand Lodge


I ran my first PFS game this evening, (First Steps, Part 1) and I have a few questions.

1. I get a Chronicle sheet just like everyone else, right?

2. My big question is... Am I limited to the same "items found" as the PC's found during the game? i.e. if they missed two of the items, am I also unable to have those items?

My personal opinion is that I should get the availability of all the items listed, it's not my fault that they missed them.

Thank you!!

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Canada—Quebec

From the latest Guide to PFS, page 38:

[quote=]"Starting with Version 2.2 of this document (and not retroactive to any previous scenarios that were run), any GM who runs a scenario gets full credit for that scenario applied to one of her own characters. “Full credit” means the GM gets the following: +1 XP for the scenario, 100% of the Max Gold for the subtier most appropriate to the GM’s character, and 2 PP (or, for a slow advancement track character, +1/2 XP, 1 PP, and 50% of the Max Gold for the subtier most appropriate to the GM’s character).
The GM may select any special boons bestowed by a Chronicle sheet, such as free magical treasure, regional boons, or future bonus die rolls. The GM does not get a Day Job check. If the GM previously received partial credit on a Chronicle sheet for a scenario she ran (using the old reward system), she must keep the partial credit and cannot run the scenario again for full credit on a second Chronicle sheet."

So unless you previously played the scenario, yes you have access to every item and get full gold and 2PP.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Canada—Quebec

And Welcome to PFS :)

Grand Lodge

Thank you. :-) I read that and that was how I was understanding it. But wasn't 100% sure if that was correct.

I have one more question. When I was at Gencon we received a wooden token everytime we played. Then we were able to turn 2 tokens in for a boon. Was that something special for Gencon or are players supposed to get tokens each play? If they are, how are those given out and redeemed at home games?

Thank you!!

Liberty's Edge ***** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka The Great Rinaldo!

Those are special for particular large cons like Gencon and Paizocon. They aren't used for general PFS games.

Grand Lodge *****

So after playing at Gencon you decided to start judging games!? You rock Gwen! Awesome job spreading the love of the hobby!

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