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Different point buys for MAD vs SAD, by Letric

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Need PFS ruling on Racial Heritage: Kitsune and Magical Tails, by Kitty Catoblepas

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How to make my familiar Owl be able to use wands?, by Letric

Let's look at what the fighter actually has going for it now, by master_marshmallow

Welcome to new VC of West Virginia!

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Grand Lodge *****

I wanted to take a minute to welcome aboard the new Venture-Captain assigned to West Virginia. I will let Matthew Smith introduce himself, advise about any websites he will utilize for coordinating, and any other information he wishes to share.

As for areas that fall within his region, he will cover the the large majority of the state, but the northern and eastern panhandles are closer to population centers in Maryland and Pennsylvania, and he will work with other regional coordinators if the needs arise in those areas.

Welcome to the team!

Liberty's Edge ****

I am pleased.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Canada—Quebec

Welcome :)

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant, West Virginia aka Marack

Thank you! It's an honor to be here. We've had an active PFS community here for about a year and we're going to keep growing. In the next couple months we have both a convention and a game day planned and it's going to be a great time. West Virginia is a great location for organized play. We have a great community of players and we are in driving distance to regional conventions all around us. Come and check us out.

We do our organizing on a public Facebook group. Everyone interested is welcome to join.

We also maintain a presence on the Charcon forums for those who hate Facebook. While you are there, take a look at the con information. It's going to be a great time.

Liberty's Edge

Congrats, I've been wondering when WV was going to get our own VC. I may have to come back to the Society now, so long as Andoran is welcome or at least cordially received. I shall be running games at Charcon, but may have to change up scheduling if there are any slots open for an 8th level PFS cleric.

I fell out of society play after Season 0 when my home group met with ruin. Origins PFS scheduling for 8th never fit with other games I wanted to play, so still semi-retired. Damon was rebuilt for Pathfinder, but has not served since that time.


congrats man. a well deserved palcement.

Liberty's Edge ***

Congratulations, Matthew!! Best wishes to you and PFS in your state!

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