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I'm sure most of you havent heard of the "Pathfinder Conflict" rulebook, so after you look it up- I would like for the gamer community to consider the following.

I would to see something like this- maybe starting off casual but working up to big events with prizes and such. They published a really cool idea and gave it little to no "fanfare". Since its not pfs legal and it has no place in a campaign setting- they practically doomed it to fail right out the gate. So, I'm thinking that in an effort to breathe some life into it and give it some relevance, (also giving anyone who purchased it, a chance to USE it)- We should hold some friendly tournaments, with special character building rules that would be designed to keep things fair and ensure that the PVP battles are relatively quick. (depending on the format used...) You know the standards- 2v2, 3v3, 5v5- Capture the <item>, Sabotage the other group's <something or other>, Control the base(s), incapacitate the other team, etc...

And instead of gaining xp the PFS method (3xp= level)- You would gain XP the normal way (on the normal xp track) except- the way its awarded would be handled slightly differently. It would be objective based- like each player would get XP based on their personal performance, as well as a Team Bonus if they won the match with all players standing. Maybe the Team Bonus would vary based on coop performance- like if someone got incapped, and later revived or if a player sacrificed themselves to ensure the rest of their team to victory... Or if the team worked so well together that they earned a flawless victory?
Anyway- just throwing suggestions out there.

I really wanna see this take off and I would like a reason to buy this product. At the very least it would be nice to start a club that meets every week (or even once a month) just to beat the snot out of each other and test out our bad-ashery.

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The books that the OP are referring to are the books from Conflict Games, in case people are curious.

Lantern Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

It might have been doomed because PFS has the no PvP rule.


Stargypsyd wrote:
It might have been doomed because PFS has the no PvP rule.

I notice that you barely skimmed it and missed the parts where I mentioned "Since its NOT pfs legal and it has NO PLACE in a campaign setting" and saying "there should be a SEPARATE activity OUTSIDE PFS" for this. I barely referenced pfs in my OP.

SO the TLDR version of the OP is-

There SHOULD be a SEPARATE event for pvp tournaments using conflict rules and special rules for it.
I repeat- this has NOTHING TO DO with PFS. The only thing I would take from PFS for this is the global tracking feature. In fact, I was thinking this would be a fun activity for RETIRED level 13 characters.

Every once in a while I think about a conflict based game set in the Coliseum Morpheuon.


bumping for more input- (altho I may have to cross-post to the pathfinder forums, so that more people see it)

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