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Everything about Sandpoint, its people (NPCs) and environs?

Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

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I am looking for a comprehensive list of all published resources (both official Paizo publications and fan-made contributions) about the Sandpoint area.

I recently purchased the Beginners Box and will be running the adventure in it for a group of novice players. None of them have any experience with tabletop RPGs, but one (my husband) has played a lot of World of Warcraft. Personally, I am brand-new to Pathfinder, but have 20+ years experience playing D&D on-and-off (mostly off) plus a little bit of previous DMing experience.

While researching the Pathfinder campaign setting I noticed that many of the Adventure Paths start in Sandpoint. My plan is to run the Beginners Box adventure(s) first, then lead into the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path and then maybe eventually the Jade Regent Adventure Path.

Since it looks like my PCs will be spending a lot of time in Sandpoint, I want to get them as involved in the city's welfare as possible right from the very beginning without running the risk of my own "fleshing out" of the city and its inhabitants contradicting later material in the campaign.

So far I only know of the following Paizo-published Pathfinder resources about Sandpoint:

1) The Beginners Box

2) The Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path

3) The first module in the Jade Regent Adventure Path

What else is out there?

I really want to learn EVERYTHING about Sandpoint, the NPCs living there, any other NPCs in the larger world that they're related to, Sandpoint's relations with the rest of Varisia and the world, and all adventures or adventure hooks that relate to Sandpoint in any way.

In addition to the Paizo-published stuff, I'd also love to read any fan-created resources for Sandpoint. What did you do to flesh out the town and its people for your campaign? How did your PCs integrate themselves into the community?

If my question has already been answered in a previous thread, I apologize and beg that you give me a link to that thread. (I tried searching for "Sandpoint" on this site but there are so many hits that I couldn't wade through them all.)

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Here's a blog entry:

There's also a bit in the player's guide to Jade Regent.

Silver Crusade

Player's Guide to Rise of the Rune Lords, Varisia: Birthplace of Legends

Silver Crusade

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There's some traits in the Gamemastery Guide and James Jacob's Shadow Under Sandpoint Campaign is pretty great.

While James Jacobs himself would be the best man to answer this question, here are two references off the top of my head:

- Chapter 3 of Pathfinder Campaign Setting: NPC Guide also touches on James's Shadows Under Sandpoint game, and includes a number of the Paizo staff's characters in that campaign as well as their backgrounds (many of which are tied to Sandpoint).
- The Sandpoint Devil is intimately tied to the Sandpoint hinterlands. The original 3.5 write-up for it was in Pathfinder #1; it was updated to the Pathfinder RPG rules in the Inner Sea World Guide; and it receives a thorough treatment in the upcoming Mystery Monsters Revisited!


Check out some of the fan-produced material in Wayfinder.


Good day madame,

You might want to investigate PathfinderWiki's page on Sandpoint as well as the Sandpoint category page. Please note though that reports from our chroniclers are often sporadic, and this information may not be complete.


There's a short intro to Sandpoint in the first issue of the comic, along with some depictions of the town in the comic itself.

It's also very worth checking out City of Monuments, in my opinion. It's focus is obviously on Magnimar, but it touches on some of the Sandpoint families and you'll probably want it anyway for when you run Rise of the Runelords.


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