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San Francisco Geek Game night - Wednesdays starting Oct 3 2012 (PFS aplenty)

Local Play

**** Venture-Agent aka Rycaut

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So we have a venue and a warhorn page and shortly a registration page (via Eventbrite - not quite up yet - registration is required but free)

Here is the link to the Warhorn:

I've also added the first month of events to the events page here at

The plan is to have a geek game night every Wednesday evening here in San Francisco. We'll be playing at Yetizen Innovation Labs, a local incubator for gaming startups who have graciously opened their space to us for a regular night of game playing.

We should have 2-3, perhaps more, tables of PFS as well as people playing a variety of other games. I've added a few low-tier scenarios to Warhorn to get us started but if you would like to play a specific scenario (or run one) get in touch with me and I'll add it to the warhorn. I definitely expect a number of players who are new to PFS so wanted to start out with some introductory scenarios.

Hopefully the great Bay Area Pathfinder Society can support one more regular night of gaming fun!

Silver Crusade ****

Hurray! Excuse to road trip to SF someday!

**** Venture-Agent aka Rycaut

The registration page is now live at

(it has registration for dates through the end of the year - please register for those dates you think you will be able to join us). Once registered please also signup on Warhorn for those dates - as a player or judge.

(if you want to run or play a specific scenario please contact me - and if you want to sign up a date I haven't yet put in warhorn also contact me and I'll add those dates)


Sweet, I look forward to visiting in December when I'm back in town.

**** Venture-Agent aka Rycaut

If you are going to be joining us on Wednesday (tomorrow) please:

- register at (you can also register for future games at that page as well)

- sign up on Warhorn for the games you want to play (or judge) at

If you don't see a scenario you want to play (or run) please contact me and we'll try to add it to the schedule for later this month. At the moment I've scheduled a bunch of early/low-tier scenarios anticipating a number of new players.

But for experienced players (with a low level character) we have Joshua Archer running The Cyphermage Dilemma this Wednesday which is a special treat (since it can only be run by 4 star DMs, Venture Captains or Lieutenants or Paizo staff).

**** Venture-Agent aka Rycaut

A quick note of thanks to Joshua Archer, Mike Lee and everyone who came out to play and judge at the first SF Geek Game Night. We ended up with two great PFS tables (Intro paths and The Cyphermage Dillema) and we also had a table playing The Resistance as well as playtesting some local games in development!

Next week we will have at least two PFS tables, perhaps more. If you are going to attend please signup at

We introduced two new players to PFS (and Pathfinder) last night and had a new judge run a table!

Liberty's Edge *****

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Rycaut wrote:
We introduced two new players to PFS (and Pathfinder) last night and had a new judge run a table!

Fantastic! It's been great seeing this come together!

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