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100 reasons to leave town

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

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163. Over the past few years something inside of you has been ... changing. You don't feel quite normal anymore. These townsfolk, they've always treated you well and your life has been fine, but you're feeling more and more distant and detached from them. You need to find out where you belong, and it's not here anymore.

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164) Your hilarious Explosive Runes prank was not very well-received.

169. You wake up to angry stares and whispers as you break your fast at the inn. As you head out to take your morning walk you gradually notice wanted posters plastered up on nearly every available surface. A sense of dread fills you, and as you near one you see your name in bold letters above an uncanny sketch of yourself staring back at you...

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165) your neighbourhood is renamed the halfling quarter and all floors height are halved, by law.

166) while sipping beer in the tavern, a mysterious stranger shows up, tosses 50gp and tells of a problem.. guess its dungeon time :D

167) The city starts billing you for cleaning up the.. umm.. processed food leavings, of your gargantuan t-rex animal companion.

168) noblewomen and druids complain too much about your hobby of handburning stray animals

170 you realized that IF you were going to break into peoples homes, AND you were going to kill them, THEN take all their worldly posessions to buy bling.

You should do that where your mom cant see.

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VRMH wrote:
161. You never left town. The town left you.

In soviet Russia town leave you!

171. After meeting an odd man on the road that evening you wake up the next morning that no one in town know who you are or has any recollection of your life in this town.

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172) You can't find the "100 reasons to stay in town" thread.


173) This is the first time in months that the mass of floating rock that your town is built on has drifted close enough to a mountain for people to safely get off, and as much fun as living in a village in the sky sounded at first, the constant drake attacks an dadventurer raids have become a hassle, and you're worried that you won't get another chance to disembark before the food supplies run out.

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174) You grew up on this piece of shattered world. The aptitude test has revealed magical aptitude. Time to go train to join the army of wizards to make the world whole again.

175) The crazy, violent, elven artificer hit OMGWTFBBQ on his perform (oratory) check.

176) the rite of passage for this frontier town is to cross the river and head for the ruined abbey on the other side of the grove. There's a graveyard there which is maintained by the unliving by night; the challenge is to touch one of the slow moving abominations as they pass the low wall without chickening out.

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177) You wake up after a night of boozing to find yourself laying next to the local mayor's son/daughter. Now you've been betrothed into a shot gun wedding, and your new husband/wife ain't pretty...

178) You wake up after a night of boozing to find yourself inducted into the service of the navy.

179) You wake up up after a night of boozing to find yourself blessed with the favor of Cayden Cailean.

180) You wake up after a night of boozing to find everybody expecting you to act upon a dare to Go Out and Do Adventury Things(tm) you accepted during said night of boozing, which is why Cayden gave you his seal of approval.

Mark Hoover wrote:
176) the rite of passage for this frontier town is to cross the river and head for the ruined abbey on the other side of the grove. There's a graveyard there which is maintained by the unliving by night; the challenge is to touch one of the slow moving abominations as they pass the low wall without chickening out.

...and he was never heard from again.

Silver Crusade

181)You never really liked the town of Mud Puddle anyway. All the guards were stupid, and the only other inhabitant was a grumpy old man

182) "Damn it, I could have sworn I had the incantation right that time."

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Mark Hoover wrote:
176) the rite of passage for this frontier town is to cross the river and head for the ruined abbey on the other side of the grove. There's a graveyard there which is maintained by the unliving by night; the challenge is to touch one of the slow moving abominations as they pass the low wall without chickening out.
...and he was never heard from again.

Start of campaign, 2 campaigns ago (sort of). The party was new to said frontier town; first thing they wanted to do was shop for weapons. The only blacksmith who'd work for cheap was a kid who'd just graduated from his apprenticeship. The day the party met him, that night he and his mates were going out to this ruin; he invited the PCs to meet him there, at midnight. They ended up saving him from a fate worse than death...

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183. You owe the head of the local thieves' guild a lot of money, and the stolen loot you were supposed to bring back to pay off your debt, you had dump in a well at the last moment to avoid being caught smuggling by the king's elite troops.

184. The pacifist village you grew up in got razed by the king's elite army while you were out of town making friends with some sworn enemies of the king and getting involved in their shenanigans.

185. You grew up on a rock farm out in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, it got razed by the king's elite troops while they were looking for someone else who is actually important.

186. You have a pretty awful speed impediment, and the tribal elders drove you out of town because nobody likes a town idiot.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

187) you were tired of your mother introducing you to nice Taldane boys/girls with "great personalities"

188) You grew up in a Qadiran town. They seemed so angry all the time. You pursue more contemplative pursuits, so off you adventure to get away from the perpetually agitated Qadirans.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

189) You left that pardon for your 'accidental' killings of half the noble family in your other handy haversack.

190) Warning, cross posting: You are the son of the Troll king. Your jealous relatives kept trying to kill you. Time to go seek your fortune.
191) As the daughter of the Troll King, they were trying to force you to marry the hill giant king's son. No thanks.

Silver Crusade

192) You got bitten by a fox, and last morning woke up in a chicken coop, covered in blood and feathers

193) Abysmally failed to woe your love-interest.

194) All the watch are now rogue archtypes. The wizard calls himself an archioligist and digs around in ruins. The clerics are now scribes too busy to do any healing. Get out before the bandits swoop down on the town.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

162. Because that nice old lady's hut down the street just grew a couple of giant chicken legs...weird

163. That last alchemical mishap blew up not only your house, but smashed in all the windows for a city block all around, including the ones in the town hall, the mayor's residence, the house of the rich guy who has half the town in his pocket, and the everyone's favorite inn that doubles as the meeting place for the local thieves' guild.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

164. Birds, lots of birds. Attacking people.
165. The neighborhood screwed up, now all the food glows in the dark.

Dark Archive Star Voter Season 6

166. you failed the simple test to become a man, now you live in shame and will until you leave town
167. well it turns out that the only way you'll ever find a ring of wishes is to skip town and start adventuring
168. last time you left town you met with the love of your life, yesterday you got a letter from them say they wish to met you again, outside of town

1 person marked this as a favorite.

169. People suddenly forgot how to count.

169. You found something valuable, such as a huge, ancient, chunk of meteoric iron, and need to go to the city to start your career as a merchant.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

170) You don't want to be Bob the Farmer the 237th

171) You are quick-witted, tired of your home and more skilled than other farmers at bobbing (but not weaving).

2 people marked this as a favorite.

203?) It's going to take a dragon hoard to pay for fixing all the damage done by more than a dozen drunken dwarves and a wizard who invited themselves in for tea.

204) Because farmers and townies make much less effective troops than say, an army of dragons, golems and other mystical beings, and you need forces for your dreams of conquest.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

205) You are very much in love, but she's a werewolf, and your parents won't approve. Time to elope.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

206) You grew up in a one horse town. Then the horse died and who ever heard of a zero horse town?

207) This town is full of adventure. And you most certainly are sick and tired of being handed a quest around every other street corner.

208) You've found an ancient intelligent minor artifact, and it has plans it needs you to fulfill. No, not tomorrow, NOW.

209) The ancient intelligent minor artifact is a she. And you don't want to know what kind of plans she has in store for you. Best skip town now before you end up in some kind of awkward romantic comedy.

210) More and more townsfolk are dying from a short fall. No one wants to repair a roof because the fall is almost certain death. Gravity has gone evil here and everyone else is leaving town. Goodbye.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I don't necessarily need 100 ways to leave town but I wouldn't mind 50 ways to leave your lover!

211)You were raised in an idyllic, if remote village, founded just over two generations ago by people looking to escape the regular ideological wars over land that seem to plague your country, which lacks an organized nobility or royalty of any sort. Unfortunately one of the ideological groups has been quietly using this town as a training/breeding ground since it's inception, and it is attacked by a rival organization in a blitzkrieg attack. You are already attempting to escape with your friends, but discover that the man who runs the rather esoteric school that you attend is actually your father, who presses a set of highly advanced magical arms and armor that only you can use into your possession before he bleeds out in your arms. You are about to leave when you run into a ragged handful of survivors who are also attempting to escape, and recognize several of them as your friends and classmates, who are killed before your eyes by a combination of artillery fire and close combat between the outclassed warriors of your own stead and invading forces. You can't just abandon them, but your town is obviously lost.

212. One thing you never could stand about Santa Carla; all the dam vampires.

213. The circus

214. You awaken one morning to the sounds of screams; the entire rest of town is enveloped in webs except for a small trail through the underbrush behind your house.

215. Your town has a terrible sewage system. Always has, but you finally got fed up with the smell and all of the bacterial outbreaks and left.

216. Your town is actually a den of werebeasts and any who is not born one is sent out of the town or hunted.

Silver Crusade

217. Nystul's Magical Aura duration expired. The merchants & guards are on to you.


218. I'm not your real father

219. I AM your father!

220. All your life people have told you that you look an awful lot like that wizard that used to live in that ruined tower. Then you started having wierd dreams; dreams of another life, and living in that tower. This morning you awoke with a driving hunger for olives and are reminded that the crazy old wizard was obsessed with the things...

221. The last thing you remember is being a high level wizard casting clone. Somehow, you are now 1st level. Maybe the original became a litch or was destroyed in a way that is non-resurrection-able. In either case, something bad is coming for you, so grab the spare spell book and gear, and run.

222.) Mom and Dad worked every manner of unsavory job to earn enough coin to pay for the damned charlatan priest to "heal" your affliction. You don't have the heart to tell them it didn't work, that you still dream of feasting upon their soft, tender flesh and drinking their fresh, hot blood. You don't know how much time you have left, but you don't want them to be your first victims.

223.) The local lord decides to join the Dire Gambler's Club, and draws the Ruin card. The town is essentially impoverished as a result.

224.)You didn't have the chance to leave town; town left you. You woke up this morning in an empty field, but the local landmarks indicate this is EXACTLY where the town should be.

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