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The Novel Writer's Suggestion Box


The Exchange

So you want to write a novel but buggered if you have much of a clue as to what, or the feel of it. Well this (I hope) will become a suggestion box of scrap (and hopefully not crap) ideas that might help you out.

1. How does your Magic Work?

Its a silly thing but if it helps the Protoindoeuropeans added 'alu' to words that referred to sorcery, intoxication, possession, and 'insanity'. Its where we get the word Ale might just add that to words to imbue them with magical power.

Example: "Die!" Thorvald sank his sword into the old man but it seemed to have little claim on the old one's soul.
"You are not dying?" The old Sorcerer smiled.
"If only it were that easy. Diealu!" Thorvald fell back, rocked by a sensation as though someone had just stabbed his heart with a stake.

I like it! Will be following and adding suggestions as I think of any.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

If you are making up words, make up pronounceable words with no unnecessary apostrophes. For example, your main character should not be named F'g'hi'j'k. And his best friend should not be named F'h'gi'k'j son of F'j'h'k'ij from the town of F'g'j'ik'h-on-the-F'h'gi'kj.

The Exchange

I had to include this: Its tips for getting the novel finished

All mine wind up short stories because I cant get into them for more than ten thousand words.

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