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Any Suggetions?

Shackled City Adventure Path

Scarab Sages

My group is preparing to head off to Carceri. I think i have found and read most of the source materila I could find online. I have planned out encounters (to avoid rlling randoms, which I hate). I have encounters with Daemons, a super swampy Shambling Mound, some demons and devils fighting the Blood War, and a questline they must follow to gain the info on where Skullrot is.

Has anyone fleshed out the Bastion of Lost Hope? Or perhaps fleshed out the trip to Skullrot, that can share. I would really like to make this memorable for my group.

How about any advicce for Skullrot itself? Any suggestions, comments or warnings?

We are using Pathfinder rules and 5-6 PC's, so they will be 17 when they get to the final part.

Howwould you convert Dark Myrakul to PF? I also have a pretty awesome Necromancer Wizard in my group. I will probably put some undead in so he can flex his muscle, but don't want him to take over the end (Dark Myrakul) so i guess I will just rule that he cannot control him in Skullrot.

Thanks in advance.

Liberty's Edge

When I ran Asylum I didn't add much to the written material. The way I looked at it was that my party of four 3.5 characters had hit 20th level and it was the endgame so the less distractions as they charged headlong at Adimarchus the better. Plus, I said that his prison was weakening following the events in the Firey Sanctum (I completely removed Strike on Shatterhorn) so they were pretty determined at that point. I even eschewed the 'random' encounters on the way to speed it up.

I don't remember them having much trouble with Dark Myrakul but I had read that Adimarchus drops pretty quickly to even marginally optimized core book characters. I added two meriliths to the fight and it was pretty memorable.

Scarab Sages

I was thinking about having Adimarchus 2 traitorous Balor be summoned by Myrakul when he learns of the parties arrival in Skullrot

Liberty's Edge

If you're playing under Pathfinder rules with 5 PCs at 17th level that may overwhelm them. Don't quote me on that since I haven't played any high-level PF. If you think the party won't get slaughtered than it sounds like it could be a hell (pun intended) of a fight through Skullrot.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Tales Subscriber

I GM'd with 7 optimized 18th-level characters entering Skullrot. I (or rather Graz'zt) placed a gargantuan wyrm Tarterian dragon to guard the front door. Graz'zt restricted him from moving from in front of the doorway and the party struggled only slightly. The demonhide golem caused them some problems due to it's resistances. They also struggled with Adimarchus, but as they started wearing him down, he shifted tactics and started pounding on the walls to knock a hole that would allow him to plane shift back to Occipitus. He was successful and now awaits the party for an epic level encounter (if I can ever finish up the story line).

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