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Kyuss Worms under Locate Creature

Age of Worms Adventure Path

I am running a modified Age of Worms campaign. I'm using about half of the AP and mixing in various other adventures (some published, some my own) for the rest. At this point, the threat of the Kyuss Worms have made the PCs paranoid, and they are terrified that Kyuss Worms are being deposited into the granary and water supplies, and they are using Locate Creature to find them.

Now, as part of my description of the Kyuss Worms, I have told the players that they are very strange. They are a mix of Vermin, Curse, Disease, and Undead depending on their specific state at any one time. That really freaked out the players. So the worms can be found as:

1) Spawn of Kyuss where they are considered to be Undead
2) Alone or as Swarms, where they are considered to be Vermin
3) In addition, I am also using Kyuss Worms per the Wormbound Feat
4) And also as Vestige Worms, these last two from Dragon #343

The last two of course, can either be found alone, or infecting a living person.

I am looking for consensus, what should Locate Creature do. Can it detect the Kyuss Worm in all four cases? Only when it is by itself? By itself and as a Spawn? Or when it is ingested by the living? In other words, if the worm changes type (Vermin by itself, to Undead as part of a Spawn) or is inside a person, is it still detectable?

Liberty's Edge

I'd let locate creature find the worms in all cases. The way I look at it is the worm is still the worm no matter if its alone or in a host. Once a worm has been driven from the host, such as when cure disease is used, I'd say the worm was destroyed and thus the detection will no linger work. However, if the worm is still burrowing its way to the hosts brain to take control, hells yes.

This will also allow the party a detective tool to get to the bottom of what's going on. if they find worms in the water supply they will still need to figure out how to stop the spreads before it infects the populace and that still leaves the mystery of who is responsible...

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