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CT Gammer looking to join PFS

Pathfinder Society Grand Lodge

Hey guys I live in the Manchester CT area and we do not have a PFS group that I've been able to find the closest I've got is Mass and I can't make that on a regular basis. I don't really have any wish to GM at the moment nor do i know anyone that wants to start this up with me, I'm looking for what kinda of options might be available to me.


Qadira ****

there are many PBP options available, otherwise you're going to have to find someone to GM and put for effort to get things running :D.

I would start by going to FLGS, see if there is anyone playing pathfinder and open with "conventions are cool, lets make characters we can play at conventions" then Hijack the group into a PFS group.

Is there a FLGS in the Central Connecticut area?

I know there are Venture Officers (Captain? Lieutenants? Not sure) in CT. They can probably help.

*** Venture-Lieutenant, Canada—Ontario aka Feegle

There is a Venture-Lieutenant (a campaign volunteer) in Manchester, so there's probably a regular public game. The Venture-Captain is in Newington, which looks to be pretty local as well - I would be very surprised if there wasn't something in the Hartford area for you.

You can find their email addresses on the Regional Coordinators page - if you drop one of them a note, I'm sure they'll help you out, though I also suspect we'll see one of them wander into this thread eventually. :)

Sczarni ** Venture-Lieutenant, Connecticut—Manchester aka Cpt_kirstov

Hi twiztidkindred - Will (the CT venture capatain) and I are going to the various shops in and around Manchester this weekend to try to expand the venues running games. We currently schedule out of The PFS CT Facebook page. The only regular public game I am aware that we have in the state is in Newington on the first Saturday of the month (we run 2 slots the first starting at 10AM, the next scheduled event here is is Oct 6) we average 2 low level tables and a mid or high level table. We also occasionally have games at Wonderland Comics in Putnam and The Citidel Game Cellar in Groton. But neither of those venues have become a monthly event yet. Feel free to email me or private msesage me on here with any questions!

-Thanks Earl

thanks guys I am now headed in the right direction :)

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