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Hear me, fellows and ladies


Liberty's Edge *

i may just be one cleric by the name of benril, with powers you might or not relate to, the point is something is very wrong with our country. i mean i go on great adventures, thanks to pro-mission of the king, however when i return home i find the poor are getting poorer,and my self, feel that we as a nation should do something about it, for king and country i ask you fellows and ladies that we have some kind of national talk about what is going on in our far land, and i ask you, to meet me in the middle of taldor, to have a talk of some kind of person to speak t to the king, and the people of this great land ,maybe perhaps work with him to make sure that, we are all treated with respect, and loyalty that we all need

thank you!

Shadow Lodge ***** Regional Venture-Coordinator, Southwest

Posting as Requeim, the very old elven clothing couture clothing designer since VCs can't use aliases

A very fahshionably dressed elf waves an eleganthand in approval.

"Well said. Something does need to be done about the poor."

"I say we send them all to Andor as they are too unseemly to remain in Taldor."

He quirks an eyebrow waiting for a response.

Edit: Included reference about PC's age



You are looking at the state of our beloved Taldor entirely incorrectly. Even if you were somehow correct, and you really did somehow know of the state of the entirety of the Empire's people, you are failing to assess the condition of the entirety of the populace. Instead, you are picking out one very small segment, a segment about which your view is both incorrect and limited, and then making assumptions about us all.

However, since you are new to this sort of topic, do allow me to enlighten you with regard to how the Empire's social structure functions. I sense that you possess the flawed view, likely drawn from the messages of militant Andoren Pathfinders, that the aristocracy and the poor do not share in their fortunes. This view is simply incorrect.

When the lowest rung is suffering, it is implied that the entirety of the people are suffering. While they are suffering, the lower rungs have a tendency to look at others and, instead of working to pick themselves up and lift their own fortunes, they tend to search for others to blame for their misfortune. The aristocrat, however, understands that his prosperity is linked with the prosperity of all Taldor. Here, the difference between the commoners and the aristocracy is that an aristocrat understands the larger picture, while the commoner only understands his own.

So you see, there would be no use for this representative you propose. If there were a problem, the Grand Prince and the ruling class would already know of it, and would understand it well enough to best deal with it. All your proposal does is facilitate an antagonistic mentality, more akin to that of Andoran or Galt. If you wish to help your noble Taldor, it would be best to first stop thinking like an Andoran.

Wishing good fortune on your great adventures,
-Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher

Sovereign Court ****

My dear if the poor are your concern just hire a few. I hear having a mad hermit is quite fashionable in some parts. Surely the part could be filled and your inner demons appeased and your fellows amused by a new hermit.

Dear lady please no more talk of dreary Galt. Those people have NO sense of fashion. Its scary how poorly they dress. Makes me Ill. Now I need a tonic with a double dose of rum. Scary poorly dressed people ick... won't handle lunch now. The day nearly half over and my appetite is gone. Shan't dine till the morrow, unless I get a good invitation... and flowers oh I must stop for flowers.. shall brighten the day immensely.

Grand Lodge *

look i only ment dear ladies and gents, that you have to listen to everyone

and i fear even the ones to make it to the greats using our awesome military might

might not be enough

maybe if our dear lords and ladies maybe open there ears to everyone around them

yes i know times are rough, and tough, but maybe we can learn to re think our ways

and be open to requests from the non noble to the noble

that is all i ask

Sovereign Court *****

Come now, to dismiss the fashion in galt so quickly is unfair, fashions and goverments change there so quickly they are bound to occaisionly get it right, if only breifly.

Dark Archive

Yes, something is indeed very wrong with your country. First of all, it is named Taldor; secondly, you are all just perfumed fops and dandies trembling before the iron fist of Cheliax, the mightiest empire that has ever existed on Golarion!

Sovereign Court ***

Lady Violetta d'Armand Countess du Plessis, clad in a delicate gown of crystalline snowflakes held together by a gossamer web of faintly luminous, silvery threads, honey-blonde hair secured by a Varisian-style headchain of platinum, butterfly-shaped links decorated with pastel enamel insets, elegantly reclining on a chaise, regards Benril with mild interest.

Gentle... Benril, is it? I applaud your courage in venturing such tender opinions here.

Of course, it's easy for the wealthy, the privileged, and the powerful to simply ignore people considered to have little consequence: the poor, the mad, the lost. The aristocracy should care for and shepherd the people, as the people, through their toil, care for the aristocracy. It's an ancient, unchosen bargain.

Sometimes, when nations are engaged in great affairs, the common folk are burdened almost to the breaking point; trade is interrupted, demands for food and materiel become burdensome, and people can find themselves impoverished. Great leaders acknowledge this and respect the sacrifices made by common folk.

That said, Taldor is often regarded as cripplingly elitist, a... mostly false reputation. But it's an image which is often fueled by a small minority of our aristocracy, layabouts who have forgotten their duties of Imperial strengthening, consumed only by the rewards of position - pretty clothes, parties, entertainments - and neglectful of their duties. Your point is a good reminder of this... but I would add that Taldor is, perhaps to a surprising degree considering its reputation, quite meritocratic - those who are able can rise very far indeed, even with origins of common, low, or foreign birth.

What you need is a place where you can influence an aristocracy as it develops; Taldor itself is hardly subject to a single voice... other than the Emperor, of course. You should consider carrying your message to Varisia, where new high-born families are only just at the beginnings of their history. It's a rare opportunity!

Violetta scowls at Asgetrion.

As for Cheliax... it is a mere puppet state. The Thrune are slaves of diabolic powers alien to Golarion, their souls forfeit; any foolish enough to respect such a doomed arrangement will likely join them. The whole nation is a ghost story for future generations.


Asgetrion wrote:
Yes, something is indeed very wrong with your country. First of all, it is named Taldor; secondly, you are all just perfumed fops and dandies trembling before the iron fist of Cheliax, the mightiest empire that has ever existed on Golarion!

Lady Gabrielle d'Apcher barely regards the rather out-of-place Chelish man, only interested in making a passing observation.

"I believe you have your countries mixed up. Allow me to clarify, for your own sake. First of all, it is the Chelish who tremble before the iron fist of their own leadership. Secondly, the excitement in your speech possesses the fire of an Andoren. I do hope you fix that, before your superiors find out about it. It would be a shame if a man were to be castrated over a simple case of overexcitement."

Sovereign Court ****

Oh I do indeed tremble, but not from Chelish imps. Twas another case of that darned liquor from the pickeled imp. That Varisian gent seemed honest enough but you must not mix certain drinks.

Sovereign Court ****

Arha you dear The mask yields little information. I've never heard of this concept but you may be right. Surely if enough humans do random actions they could indeed reestablish the Taldan empire. Yet I fear those poor souls may work at it for a few more millennia.

Luckily we've achieved it without the bother of experimentation.

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