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FoB rules question

Rules Questions

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Please read this first post

I know this is a touchy subject. Please dont get into philisophical debate ovet it. There are other threads for this.

In wanting to know what combination of weapons i can use? Does it have to be a one handed and a light, or two light weapons?

What im thinking is could i just use a sansetsukon (from UC) with FoB. Wich is a twohanded weapon.

Grand Lodge

By the rules as clarified, you can use the sansetsukon as part of a flurry, because it does have the Monk quality.

What you can't do is use the same one for all attacks in your flurry. You can't do sansetsukon/sansetsukon when flurrying, but you can do sansetsukon/kick or sansetsukon/headbutt.

This makes it generally less attractive than simply fighting unarmed.

For starters you posted this five times?

Secondly, you cannot flurry with (only) a two-handed weapon, even if it has the "Monk" weapon quality. (At least, not until the Devs fix flurry.)
Edit - What Arutema said.

It's also worth pointing out that even if you use a two-handed weapon during your flurry, you're still only getting Str x1 added to damage, not Str x1.5

Sorry about the 5 times im on my nook and its a little glitchy.
Ok thanks for the answer

Arutema wrote:

What you can't do is use the same one for all attacks in your flurry. Y

ou can't do sansetsukon/sansetsukon when flurrying,
but you can do sansetsukon/kick or sansetsukon/headbutt.

This is correct.

Of course, if you have a Monk Polearm, being able to Flurry against both adjacent and Reach opponents IS pretty nice.

re: Monk Archetypes that use Weapons/Bows, if the Weapon is getting nice bonuses, it can still be useful, you are getting free UAS attacks without needing 2WF Feats, and with Bows you can be melee attacking adjacent enemies while shooting arrows at foes further away.
Although I DO expect those Archetypes will see some modification/Errata.

That's not true Neo. You can flurry with a two-handed monk weapon. You just can't make all the attacks of the flurry with the same weapon. Like Artuma says, you have to make the extra attacks with unarmed strikes if you're using a two-handed monk weapon.

That (flurry=TWF) is flux at the moment. We won't know for certain until the 'monk fix' is finally revealed. Whenever that may be.


I was majorly ninja'd, and in the wrong thread, but this was my answer:

Wow, that's a tricky question. I would say that you can use a sansetsukon with FoB, but only if you use an unarmed strike with it. My reasoning is that a monk's unarmed strike explicitly calls out being able to be used when your hands are full, so that's good enough for Two-Weapon Fighting.

(Also please delete the other threads that you made, even though I'm going to hide them.)

Alright. Ill try and delete them

Thaks again for all the help

Ok as i see in other threads and the FAQ, we can use one weapon as long as it is a Monk ability on it. So i now can use my sansetsukon on all my FOB.

Now is this correct.
Even tho it is a 2 handed weapon. On a single attack ,or when i get up to BAB 6 or more,i get 1.5x str. per attack. And on a FOB i only add 1x str.

And what about PA? Will it still count as a one handed weapon or a 2 handed weapon? Or is it a little early to figure that out since there is more rule changes coming?

I would like to have the 1.5x str. and the better PA damage, But ether way is fine with me.

i'm just bringing this back up just in case if any one just searches and sees this old post they dont get confused on this matter.

Liberty's Edge

Neo2151 wrote:
For starters you posted this five times?

Flurry of posts :)

By RAW no 1.5 str bonus on flurry but you do get the 3 point PA. Whether or not that's RAI is anyone guess.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Please read this FAQ before further posting.

Why thank you Blackbloodtroll! That is very helpful to know, now monks every where can use use the appropriate weapon to bypass damage reduction for all of their attacks!

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Also, this FAQ let's us know how the AoMF helps the Monk.

thank you very much to help this post be correct.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

Well, I see no need to argue a clarified issue.

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