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FTL: Faster Than Light

Video Games

Found a great little game for under $10 on Steam.

Was made from a kickstarter project and although the graphics are basic, the gameplay is very engrossing and addictive.


I'd consider it more of a ship management sim than a space combat sim. There is no dog fighting as such but you have to keep on top of a lot of systems. Crew members rush around to put out fires or repel hostile boarding parties, etc... It's also very unforgiving. No going back a few saves. Dead is DEAD.

Here's a video review.

At $9 it's less than the cost of a movie ticket and will probably entertain you for longer than 90 minutes.

How much "saving" is involved in saving the galaxy? I'm all for scifi sims, but I like more mellow and mercenary premises.

Necromancer wrote:
How much "saving" is involved in saving the galaxy? I'm all for scifi sims, but I like more mellow and mercenary premises.

Well the premise is that you are carrying information vital to the "federation" and are being chased by "the rebels". You are followed by an ever advancing rebel fleet so you are forced to constantly move forward. You have to get through 8 "sectors" to get to the end boss (I have yet to do that on Normal mode). Even with the ever advancing rebel fleet after you, I never felt pressed or under the gun time-wise.

Plot wise that's about it.

You can run your ship however you see fit, deal with pirates, slavers civilians or w/e however you see fit.

Watch the review, it gives a good idea what gameplay is like.

That's good; wishlisted for my next scifi mood.

The game is fairly simple, but its well worth the price tag.

I wish it had a little more of a plot/story mode. Its more of a rougelike in that regard, where you have 1 life and 1 playthrough and everything is randomly generated.

This is an extraordinarily good game.

It's also going for a ridiculous $2.50 on GOG at the moment. You can get it from the developer's website for the same price with a Steam key if you want it on there.

HOTLINE MIAMI, the other major indie success of last year, is also just $3.33 on GOG.

Sovereign Court

It is a roguelike. Still haven't made it past sector 6.

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