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Interest check for AP on a virtual tabletop


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This is just an interest check. I would like to use roll20 to run an online game. I was intending to run one for a local group but it looks like things are falling apart.

I should always be available between 830 PM until about 2AM Eastern standard time.

I am normally off on Mondays, and some other random day during the week.

The days I work might have me going in at 7AM or in the afternoon so while I might be able to game at other times on different days the first listed time is the only one I can guarantee.

I was thinking of running Savage Tide or War of the Burning Sky. Both go to level 20, but the AP's that end at before that are also acceptable assuming I have the AP. I don't have anything past Carrion Crown though.

Game Difficulty-TPK's are possible. I am not out to kill anyone, but you will be responsible for your character for the most part.

The character creation rules have not been set because the game will be decided by committee if I can get enough players. The more difficult the game the more things I will allow at character creation. As an example Savage Tide will have a higher point buy and more books allowed than Carrion Crown would.

Whatever I run will be set in Golarion most likely. Well WotBS won't be, but that is the exception.

The goal is to get 12 hours of gaming in a month. That is about how long it normally takes me to GM one book of an AP. More hours are better. :)

Houserules that apply to any campaign::

Sorcerers don't have to use a full round action to cast a metamagic spell. They also use the same spell progression as a wizard.

Monks will get more help too, but exactly how is still being worked on.

I already have a spot reserved but that still leaves 3 to 5 spots open.

The summoner will be allowed, but I expect for you to know the rules for it. If I have to keep saying "no you can't do that", I reserve the right to ask you to change to another class.

If you post to say you are interested please list 3 AP's to include 3.5 AP's that you are interested in. AoW is not availible, at least not this time, sorry about that, but SCAP and STAP won't be an issue.

EST=Eastern Standard Time in the U.S. There are several sites online that can convert that to your local time zone.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hi I'm new to pathfinder but see Savage Tide or War of the Burning Sky. I would like to ask if we could play 3.5 or if u would be will to take some one still learning pathfinder.

New players are welcome.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I would like to post a vote for savage tide.
If playing 3.5 paladin St.cuthbert.
If playing pathfinder which i bet well do I'm not sure and will read to day to try and find a class.

I'd be interested in this as well. I'm interested in seeing how the Roll20 interface works. I have yet to play any of the APs but am familiar with Golarian (I just started playing PFS weekly).

I'm open to anything. Classwise I'm pretty vanilla so will use one of the core classes. Will traits/archtypes be allowed?


I made a fake campaign, just to try things out a few days ago. I like it. I can drag and drop maps onto the screen and resize them to fit the characters. Icon can also be resized to imitate spells that change size. You can save dice rolls. What I mean is, instead of always typing the following for a full attack:


you can just save all of those rolls and assign them a name.

You type the name you gave them into the chat box, and it makes all of the rolls.

When Paizo gets their VTT up and running I might switch, but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Samantha Matthews wrote:

I would like to post a vote for savage tide.

If playing 3.5 paladin St.cuthbert.
If playing pathfinder which i bet well do I'm not sure and will read to day to try and find a class.

Check your inbox when you come back to the site.

Karmic Knight wrote:

I'm open to anything. Classwise I'm pretty vanilla so will use one of the core classes. Will traits/archtypes be allowed?


All the archetypes will be available, and for now the APG traits can be used. If I run a PF AP then I will allow a campaign trait also.

As per our previous discussion: Mondays are good for me. :)

I am easy on which campaign although I ask to not play either Kingmaker or Council of Thieves (I have GM'd one and am about to play the other).

Regarding classes, I will fill in the blank since I have characters worked up for many classes.

- Gauss

Right now Rise of the Runelords is the front runner. I have the 3.5 books, but converting them to PF assuming D20pfsrd has not already done so is not a problem. If we get far enough I might just purchase the pdf.

Has anyone already played it? If so then Carrion Crown is next on the list unless someone has played that also.

PS:We do have 6 players now.

Rise of the Runelords is a game that's been highly recommended to me but i've never managed to get in, I'd love to play it. Council of theives and Kingmaker are also very high on my list. Also this is a character I've been wanting to play, a half-mad cleric of Groetus who(due to some accident by his old master) spent 10 years of his life in the void, where he barely managed to keep his mind together

Dotting for interest. Mainly curious about what help the monks get as well as when you'd run.

Now I have 9 players. That means I will have to start a selection process or run a 2nd group on a day that is not a Monday.

I will let this run until Saturday at 1:01AM. When I see how many people I have see what I can do.


Concerning damage: The monk just needs a bonus to hit when flurrying to make him the best at unarmed attacks. His damage with weapons is already decent. +1 at 1st level, +2 at 5th level, and another +1 every 5th level there after.

As for his other abilities they need to be made to synergize better. Being able to use a ki point to move and make 1 attack at full(not 3/4) BAB or make two attacks as a standard action would be nice.<----I will have a decision made by game time

Wholeness of Body should heal more hit points. For the number of hit points healed I am thinking 1/2 monk level x wisdom modifier. I figuring that puts him at about 20 points at 10th level which is close to a cure serious spell, and a little less than a cure critical on average from a cleric. It also close to what a channel can do. It does start out pretty weak, but I think that will work. Allowing it to remove 1d4 points of ability damage/drain at level 9, 2 levels of energy drain at level 11 is not too bad.

Diamond Soul gives you a second save vs death affects. If you spend a ki point before making the second save you get +4 bonus.

If the person playing a monk wants to use the original version of Diamond Soul instead that is fine also, but whatever choice is made will be permanent.

PS:I am not complaining about the 9 players. I just was not expecting to get more than 5. :)

Also, just throwing in my two cents about monks. The idea is that if everybody is well prepared, the monk is less useful in open combat. The big bonus is that the monk doesn't need ANYTHING to be good, he can go from dead asleep to ass-kicking in a half a second...while the fighter puts on his armor, the wizard complains about no spells, the rogue has to try to hide and get their weapon out. But ya, in open, well prepared combat monks are underpowered

RotR sounds perfect. I only had the chance to run the very first encounter before the campaign ended so it'd be great to run this one.
Whatever campaign we play I'll probably go for a a multiclass arcane caster of some sort.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Once we git the rest of pc make rules so far he told me 20 point buy.
ill make cleric of Sarenrae not sure if LG or CG but will take healing domain.

Gameplay Rule Document<---If this does not download correctly let me know, and I will use instead. It is a an online file storing site. It does not alter your uploaded file like google docs does at times so sometimes it is the better option.

Link to the Player's Guide

You can reflavor traits but they still have to be in their original category. As an example if you want a trait for a CN deity, and your deity is LE you can reflavor the trait, but it will still be a "Religion" trait.

I have been playing around with roll20. I think I have it down pretty well, but I have not tried it with players so if anyone has free time I might need some volunteers. We won't actually be playing so no need to make a character, but I will have monsters so we can simulate a combat or two. I will also try to use the Fog of War mechanic which will simulate hiding parts of the map, and handing control of NPC's over to players which will make sure animal companions, familiars, and so on are done smoothly, to include enemies that fail enchantment-type spells.

PS:I tend to have typos in the rules documents so if I have something that contradicts itself just let me know, and I will fix it. The Ultimate Equipment Guide is available on a case by case basis. I will try to look over the entire book eventually.

This is Down Comforter from GitP. Looking through the Player's Guide now. I'll likely put up a Summoner this evening.

This is the Cleric i said i was making still in the works.

Samantha Matthews

Hey everybody. Ninjabob from GitP. I'm good on pretty much every day.

Most likely Bard at this point.

Will post a character by tomorrow. From the look of things will be choosing a frontline melee type.


Ahoyhoy, Rokku here.

Rokku, you look pretty crazy...think you're crazier than me? I CHALLENGE YOU TO AN INSANITY CONTEST

So I am assembling a list of what classes people have chosen (so I can fill in the blank). I am aware that this is tentative.

Correct me if I am mistaken please. :)

Karmic Knight: Frontline melee
Chewieroar: Bard
Selene Liadon (Samantha Matthews): Cleric
Down Comforter: Summoner
Fiddle Hixblitz: half-mad Cleric?

Rokku: ??
Warsor: Monk??

Am I missing anyone?

- Gauss

@Gauss All clerics are mad, i'm just a little more special! for the referance i'm chaotic good and will be healing (not inflicting), and will be doing a lot of mental type debuffs

Fiddle Hixblitz: I love debuff clerics (and wizards). :)

The sunday group I GM has a Cleric of Nethys (a mad god) with an Arbiter familiar. She delivers a decent number of her debufs via the familiar. :)

- Gauss

Controller bard. Expect a lot of whip usage. Indiana Jones style.

Wow, if i was running a game it'd be rare for me to allow a cleric of nethys in. Evil is rarely played in my campaigns, and even MORE rarely are clerics of evil gods.....must be awesome lol

Nethys is True Neutral, not evil. Allowable alignments: LN, N, CN, NG, NE. Half of Nethys wants to save the world, the other have wants to destroy it. The cleric of Nethys in my group is LN.

- Gauss

Here is a link to site where all of you can store character sheets if you don't already have a site that you use, that allows me to see the character sheet. It is somewhat automated.

Need some help thinking on feats?
Need 2 your ideas will be welcomed.
Thank you.

Selene: PM me what you have so far and what direction you want to go in. I should be able to help.

- Gauss

As of now I think I have 7 players that I said yes to and 3 more that want to play. If I run the 2nd game the 2 people in the first group will be moved to the 2nd group.

Both groups will get the same treatment from me as a GM so neither group will be the secondary group if I go that route.

The first session also is planned for Oct 1st, which is a little over a week away. That gives me time to go over the entire AP, decide if I can handle 2 groups, and finally check out the Equipment Guide so I can go ahead and say yes to it, hopefully, with very little reservation.

PS:Gauss is very good with the rules. Ignore him if he tries to be modest. :)

PS2:If you want to post your character sheet inside of your profile on this site, that is fine also.

I have her mostly made here and, trying to finish her before the move if I have to move her ? on that you posted link to store pc in is that required.

I am NOT good with the rules. I am GREAT with the rules! How is that for modesty?

All joking aside, Im decent and have most of the system stuck in my tiny brain. So much data in there that sometimes I forget to breathe.

Oh wait, I said joking aside. Bugger :)

- Gauss

Selene: I can give you a fill in the blanks character sheet if you want it. That way you can post it where Uatu would like or you can send it to him.

- Gauss

Thank you, would love a fill in the blank it would help me learn a lot.

Oh I'm sorry Gauss, i got Nethys mixed up with Lamashtu, those are DEFINITELY different lol.

I have the character sheet on this site, I try to post all the details, and always add anything else the DM wants

Watcher Uatu wrote:
PS2:If you want to post your character sheet inside of your profile on this site, that is fine also.

Ill do both but if I fail at other site Ill finish this one

Selene Liadon wrote:
Thank you, would love a fill in the blank it would help me learn a lot.

Use the link I posted above, and then create an account. Once you do that click on "Sheets" at the top of the page.

Then click on "New Sheet".
Then you will see the word "type" with a dropdown arrow. Click on "type" and character sheets from several game systems will be revealed. Click on Pathfinder, and then click on "create".

Selene: PM me your Email address and I will send you the PDF. The one I have does some of the calculations for you.

- Gauss

You are going to send the neceros character sheet? It only does perception incorrectly if that is the one he is sending. It never adds the +3 if you mark it as a class skill. If not then disregard this statement. :)

There is one of Neceros' (Bill Barnes) sheets that was modified by abellius (Dan Brink). Except for the size bonus/penalty to CMB/CMD it works properly. If I am running a character that is not medium I just apply a temporary bonus to cancel the error (or hack the box).

Summary: Perception works correctly.

- Gauss

Grand Lodge

I am interested.

If you have a link to it that would be nice Guass or I can inbox me email address to you.

We are not starting the game Monday, but I would like for everyone to know how to set up Macros(automated dice rolls) for roll20. It will make gameplay much faster especially at higher levels. Typing in the dice rolls for attack and damage 3 or 4 times is a lot slower than pressing a button. :)

Right not the voice feature does not work with firefox. I will try to find a workaround. Text chat is supported, but voice is faster of course.

Uatu, I thought we fixed the whole 'Guass' typo issue? :D

PM me your email address and I will send it to you. I don't remember where I got it from.

Voice, bah...that means I have to try to dig out my headset from wherever the little gnomes have put it.

- Gauss

Those of you who I have said were in may go to the discussion thread.

The recruitment is closed at this time.

Everyone above the line is in, just to be clear.

Samantha Matthews-cleric but not sure

Karmic Knight Frontline Melee



Down Comforter-summoner

Iron Victory---not posted yet

NinjaBob-Chewieroar(PF) bard

Fiddle Hixblitz-cleric
Warsaw??(checked for interest)

If everyone post their available days and times in this thread I will try to make a second group so everyone can play, time permitting of course. If somebody drops the next person below moves up, assuming I can only run one group. As an example if someone drops out of the game then I would PM Fiddle Hixblitz. If he declines or does not respond within 48 hours then I would go to Warsaw and so on.

PS:If you can only game every other week that is fine also. I should know within a few days(by Monday) if I will be able to do the second game.

"Now depending on your perspective of reality, either none, both, all, or infinity of us or above, below, or on the line." Oh yes Fiddle will be fun lol. Congrats to those above, hope DM gets time so I can play as well!

I am presently unemployed so I'm available pretty much whenever.

I will probably stick with monk, but if I don't would you have any objection to a Magus?

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