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Interest check for AP on a virtual tabletop


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Just was asking a question about monks for the game, but don't think I'll be able to play. Save the slot for someone else Watcher.

Recruitment is now open again. Preferring a frontliner type, taking up to 3 players

You might want to update and tell people what day and time this runs.

It is currently Mondays at 9pm EST until 1am EST

- Gauss

Hi I was wondering if you are looking for anymore players at this time, and if you are, what are you looking for?

I am completely a nub when it comes to Pathfinder, but have more than my fair share of the books.


Yes, we need up to 3 players as of this morning. I am not the GM but as a player I have no problem with a nub as long as you are willing to learn and will show up regularly.

We currently have a Sorcerer, Master Summoner, and a Cleric (me). We could use something that is frontline but that doesn't have to be an outright tank.

- Gauss

The times work for me, as I am usually off on Mondays, and if I work I am available after 8pm EST anyways. Hmmn, frontline type is interesting, will have to think about it.


If you want help with the rules I can give you a hand. Feel free to bug me about it.

- Gauss

Hmmn, casters all taken basically, perhaps a dual wielding character of some kind might work, or a prototypical knight like character in 1-hander and shield.

Malik Doom, I sent you a PM (top of the screen, email icon).

I would suggest whatever character you would like. :)

- Gauss

I am the GM. You can bug me also.

I may be interested in this. I am currently playing in a Maptools Kingmaker on Thur and loving it.

AP = Adventure Path. Kingmaker is one such AP.

The AP we are playing in is Rise of the Runelords.

- Gauss

Yeah. Sorry. I meant which one, but figured it out reading back in the thread. How far in are you guys and what level? Good group of players?

Level 2, we have had 2 sessions. We started with 8players recruited but as with most online games the number of players actually showing up is far fewer. 3 showed up for both sessions (Down Comforter, Khantin, and myself).

- Gauss

This would actually work perfectly for me...but, sadly, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to participate after November 16th. That's when I'm flying back to Toronto and may end up working a job that conflicts with that allotted time. Otherwise, I'd be all over this.

I am sure I was around at 10PM, and I did not see any of these post, lol.
Thanks Gauss for handling things for me.
Well Majestic if you have to bow out that would be ok, if the job causes issues with playing. All I ask is that you let me know. :)

Watcher Uatu: The dot system is working erratically right now. I have to manually check this and a few other threads.

- Gauss

What platform are you using to play? I am seriously considering joining in. I am reading the players guide and thinking about classes.

We are using Roll20. It is uber simple and free. A headset is a nice addition but not necessary. All of the in-character conversation occurs via text while out of character conversation and some statements from player to GM occur via voice. As long as you can hear the conversation you can respond via text.

If you want to see the platform I can show you.

- Gauss

I would like to join, but it's been a long time since I went through the process of building a character on this Paizo site. I've done VTT before, but it was so long ago I doubt my past experience will be of much use. Nevertheless, if I can join I would like to take one of those front line positions.

I'm thinking of making either a Samurai, Pally, or Fighter. Someone who can take damage for the rest of the group; a defensive fighter. I'm open to suggestions and requests for my concept, but in return I hope you guys can help me through the opening process.

Every VTT program or site is different. D20pro as an example has a lot of features, but is not easy to learn.
I had people able to use roll20 in 10 minutes or less, and it was the first one I had ever used.
There are also online character sheets you can use to store your character if you don't want to use the BB code on this site.

I have a headset (I use map tools and Skype for the Kingmaker Campaign I am in). If Crypteck does a defender type, what classes would make a good fifth for the current group?

Current party builds:

Cleric: melee or caster (heals)?
Sorcerer: What bloodline?
Summoner: Should have a melee pet?

Does the AP travel much? If so, maybe a Druid or ranger with survival?

We currently have a CG Cleric, LE Master Summoner, and a NG Sorcerer.

My Cleric is a support cleric. I can heal but it is not my primary function. My function is to try to prevent damage. :D

Sorcerer is a Sage Sorcerer (intelligence based sorcerer).

Summoner is a Master Summoner, thus has a weakened melee pet but will always have summons on hand.

Basically, I would suggest you make anything you want based on the knowledge above.

- Gauss

Well, if you don't mind the possibility of my poofing on you guys down the road, I'd love to join in.

I've got a character concepts but I'd need to know a bit more about the specific character building criteria, allowable material, etc before I can say for sure.

In general, the builds I'm keen on of late are: bard/ftr (focusing either on the whip/skirmishing or bow depending on party mechanics); monk/rogue (maximize sneak attack opps with flurry of blows, lots of combat maneuvers [grapple, trip, disarm mostly] but still trap competent); a spire defender spire defender magus/rogue/arcane trickster (a combat focused arcane trickster specializing in the whip).

As you can probably tell, I generally go for more...tactically useful/overall versatile characters. Obviously, the fluff of these chars will very from one to the other depending on allowable races, etc.

On APs...well, pretty much the flavour of the first AP will determine the character I build. My bard, for example, would be perfect for a Second Darkness campaign because he fits right in with the setting of Riddleport, but he'd be really out of place in an AP like Carrion Crown which is more 'horror' centered and would, most likely, become a home to my monk/rogue. My only real preference is that we try and avoid Kingmaker just because I find it a little too ambitious as a campaign and I really have no characters that really make sense for that AP.

Otherwise, I'm fairly new to tabletop as a player but I'm very familiar with the territory of RPGing and the like. I grew up on games like BGII, Arcanum, NWN, and so on.

The AP is Rise of the Runelords.

Pertinent information (just repeating what Watcher has told me, I am not the GM):

Level: 2
Wealth: Maximum first level +200gp
Hitpoints: Maximum first level +4, roll second level normally
Traits: 3, 1 trait must be from the Rise of the Runelords player's guide or from the Campaign section of the traits in the APG.

Resources: He has stated that CRB, APG, UM, and UC are all ok. Ultimate Equipment items require approval. Anything else also requires approval.

He has stated Monks will receive some houserule assistance. I do not know what this might be.

GM Guidelines
Players Guide
Place to upload character sheets

If you need any help assembling your character let me know. Im decently familiar with the PF system.

Note: My statements should in no way be taken as a replacement for GM statements, I just happen see posts sooner and have previously spoken to him on these topics.

- Gauss

Koo. I thought there was stuff like this somewhere in the thread but I've looked at a lot of forum posts lately and they all kinda bleed into each other after a while XP

I'm likely gonna submit my BRD/FTR (Lore Warden) then. And I'm considering building them as an Azata-Blooded (Musetouched) Aasimar, if that's allowed. Otherwise, probably just a Drow-Blooded Half-Elf.

You would need to approve the Aasimar or Drow-Blooded stuff with Watcher as neither are in the 4 approved books. However, one of the approved characters (that eventually didn't show) was an Oni-blooded Tiefling so I imagine he will say yes.

- Gauss

Cool. I'll work on the assumption the race is permissible and then tweak it accordingly if it is ruled impermissible.

The drow-blooded idea is approved.

As for the Aasimar they don't see what the race traits replace so I will only allow them to be selected as a normal trait, and not as a freebie.

The default Aasimar get +2 CHA and +2 WIS as racial bonuses. I'm wanting to do the Azata-blooded because they get a +2 CHA and +2 DEX instead. I'm perfectly content keeping everything else the same with the default Aasimar, it really is just that ability swap I was after. you mean the Bralani's Step and Lillend's Harp? If so, those are supposed to be actual trait options when building a the Elven "Warrior of Old" that gives a + 2 Initiative bonus. They are traits that are exclusive to Musetouched Aasimar or those who were adopted by Musetouched Aasimar.

The guaranteed racial stuff would be the ability mods (CHA and DEX instead of CHA and WIS), the alternate skill mods (Diplomacy and Perform instead of Diplomacy and Perception), the spell-like ability is glitterdust instead of daylight.

The other stuff remains the same: type (ousider, native), size (medium), speed (30 feet), languages (Common and Celestial), Celestial resistance (acid, cold, and electricity resistance 5), and then darkvision (60 ft). That's the way I read it, anyway.

I was talking about the specific named race traits.

Bralani's Step and Lillend's Harp. The other stuff is ok.

Brilliant ^_^

Then all is well.

Unless I am mistaken, Bralani's Step and Lillend's Harp are race traits (such as in the back of the APG) and not Alternate Racial Traits.

However, I could be mistaken. :)

- Gauss

See what you made me do? Now I went and bought Blood of Fiends and Blood of Angels because I must have System Mastery! Muahaha! (Im joking, sorta).

Yes, they are Race Traits and not Racial Traits.

- Gauss

For the second level health...

1d8 ⇒ 7

Now I know it says you don't keep track of food and water stuff, can I assume that also means stuff like bedrolls and other survival gear (backpack, flints, etc)?

Not keeping track of it doesn't mean you shouldnt possess some of it. I believe it just means he is not asking us to mark it off daily. My cleric takes Create Water just so I can say I never have to worry about water. I also pack several days worth of food.

- Gauss

Gauss is correct.

Okay. So the crunch of the character are there (i.e. statblocks, equipment, traits, etc). I've gotta go do some work stuff for a while, but I'll work on the fluff and probably have something up by tomorrow.

So, without further adieu, I give you Eris Kallisti.

It looks like a strong melee type is all that is needed. I will look at some builds: fighter, barbarian, ranger etc. Any suggestions? I am guessing we will need some survival skills.

The survival skill would be nice but you do not need to be any particular class to make use of it.

As for suggestions: whatever you want is my suggestion. If you want advice though that is possible. :)

One note: Watcher Uatu stated that at any time up until (or was it through?) level 3 tweaks can be made to your character with approval.

- Gauss

I would like advice. I know how to build decently optimized characters and enjoy role playing, but I would like to know what would possibly work with the current group dynamics. Any suggestions?

Pretty much any character concept that can handle an evil character in the group. Note: I am not suggesting the concept be able to handle a blantantly evil character. Just someone who consistently summons evil creatures. If he misbehaves too much the rest of the group (predominantly good aligned) would have a problem with it.

A paladin is the only concept I can think of that would have a hard time working with an evil character even if that evil character 'behaves' himself.

- Gauss

I am bored so if anyone is interested I will be hosting a 'how to move your character etc and answer any questions that a fellow player can answer' session on . If I am not paying attention send me a PM via paizo (I am more likely to see that first).

Here is the link

If you have not registered you will need to do that and then click on the link again.

- Gauss

For the record I'll be playing a defensive fighter concept with shield bash TWF and Armor Spikes for an off-hand weapon.

Crypteck: I am still available if you want to go to the link above.

- Gauss

It just occurred to me. With me rolling my bardy/ftr, we don't really have anyone for traps...I could just make the bard levels into one of the archetypes with DD but they all pretty much mean that inspire courage will not exist.

We do not need someone that has trapfinding to deal with traps. Anyone with the disable device skill will work just fine. Detect Magic and Dispel Magic works for the magic traps. The Master Summoner can trip any traps that we cannot disable any other way.

- Gauss

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