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Rise of the Runelords E6

Rise of the Runelords

Hi everyone!

I just ordered the anniversary edition of Rise of the Runelords (I only have the first two that were originally published), and I am interested in using it with the E6 D20 rules ( de-D-amp-D)

Has anyone done this, and if so do they have any suggestions to offer?

RotRL is one of the highest level APs Paizo ever published. I doubt it's the place for E6.

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I suggest going with another AP.

considering the level of the big bad, not a good idea, even with max ability scores, maximized hit dices and a few templates...

I'm trying the original version with E8, E6 would be a little low and require too much modification. I figure it will be fine through 4 modules, with solid teamwork and being really generous with feats. I'll try to post more later, not enough time now.


Possible Excuse:
The final villain has a bit of "hand waving". He needs to be super buff. More buff than the rules normally allow. So what did the designers do? Cheat with Ioun Stones! The villain's ancient civilization knew how to surgically embed them into the skin so someone could stack as many of these no-body-slot items as desired without the normal danger of them being snagged by opponents. And some new Ioun Stone types were thrown in too. Perhaps expanding upon this trick would allow other villains to be "too powerful" in a way that is necessary for them to fight an entire party of PCs.

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