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Missing Post, sort of...

Website Feedback

I made a post in a PbP thread, and it is showing up in my account's post tab, but it is not in the actual thread. If I click on the timestamp from the post it takes me to the thread, but my post is not visible.

The following is the post that is not showing up.


"Haundo powers his allies with his deity's blessing while Deoghe and Saxton's shots strike home, Saxton doing 1d6 ⇒ 6 points of damage. At the same time Klor advances ready to give the zombies a second death. At about the same time bolts from the militia's crossbow bolts fly through the air taking finishing off what Saxton, and Deoghe started and felling the other 2 also that were outside the front door.
This however attracts the other zombies that are off to the side.

Everyone may roll initiative. If I missed your roll let me know and I will add it to my next post
Init order

Zombies 10

Grand Lodge

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It's a glitch that sometimes shows up. I usually just post to the thread again, which makes the previous one appear. Then I delete the extra post.

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