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Gnomes of Golarion: FAQ Candidates (errata / typos)

Pathfinder Player Companion

In honor of this product being down to less than 100 hardcopies left in the Paizo webstore, and my having a personal question, I've decided to make an errata thread for it. (Since I personally prefer to separate the product criticism from the product discussion.)

Pg. 26 - Extra Gnome Magic

My Proposal

Three additional uses per day of any of the 0-level spell-like abilities, or one of those and one of the 1st-level one.

The Reason Why

First off, the text starts by leaving out speak with animals from the parenthetical list of gnome spell-like abilities, even though it is one. Then it includes speak with animals in the example. Then it specifies that if your racial 0-level spell-like abilities are changed to other 0-level spells, then the feat applies to them instead (but with no such claim about the 1st-level spell-like ability).

So, here's my interpretation. It looks to me like it was originally written for all of them, then someone got concerned about giving three castings of a 1st-level spell for one feat, and who knew what future modifications would bring. But they missed editing the example.

In the meantime, the Naturally Gifted trait on pg. 15 gave one extra of any of the spell-like abilities for half a feat. And since then, Fell Magic, Magical Linguist, and Pyromaniac (all from the ARG) have been consistent about only having one 1st-level spell-like ability (chill touch, comprehend languages, and produce flame, respectively).

I have a feeling that you're leaning toward just allowing three additional uses per day of the 0-level abilities. But it would be underpowered compared to Naturally Gifted in that case, plus also requiring Cha 13, and so I think that it should at least offer one additional use of the 1st-level spell-like ability (original or changed) in place of two of the 0-level ones.

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