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Total noob looking for a hand

Beginner Box

hey. I've played d&d and m.e.r.p. with about 60-70 hours logged over the past several years. I've moved a lot but now I'm settled and interested in playing table top. i am an absolute noob to pathfinder and I'm hoping somebody can help me out. i don't know how to roll for things like dexterity, speed, strength ect. i guess i need a gm to help me out? i just want to start playing again damnit!

clap clap clap...

now that that's over.. yeah you'll need a GM to play so that's a good start.

After that.. if you have the BB then the first section should let on how to roll up stats.

It's a pretty good starter system and I'd recommend that you take the time to read through it.

95 percent of the time to determine something you roll a 1d20 dice and add a modifier.

Dexterity for example would be 1d20 + dexmodifier (might be 2, or 5 if you are really quick)

More often though you roll skills, Each Skill is based on an ability, Sleight of Hand is based on Dexterity, plus other modifiers depending on how much effort your character put into learning that skill, but the roll is still basically 1d20 + modifier.

Luckily all the rules are online too!

Sit down there and start with the getting started and read through all of it, Once you have the basic concepts done I would be happy to answer any specific questions.

I somehow completely missed that this was in the beginner box forum. Okay! Same suggestion but read through all of those then hit me up!

Find your local FLGS and ask about when/if they run a game, or look and see if there is a PFS group near you.

Speed is most often determined by race. Dwarves have shorten legs than elves. Strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma (the six ability scores) are determined by rolling six sided dice, or through a system where the player uses points to "buy" ability scores. This is called point buy. Your characters race furher adds or subtracts from certain ability scores. Dwarves are tough, elves are agile. orcs are strong, etc.

These rules and all of the others are all detailed in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and in the Beginner Box. You will pick a class, race, and alignment, then choose your players skills and equipment, among other things. Character creation is one of the many fun parts of the game.


Kyo, definitely pick up a copy of the Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box or find a local game store or group who has a copy. The BB is meant to teach you how to play and assumes you don't have any tabletop RPG experience.

And welcome to the Paizo message boards!

Silver Crusade

Listen to SKR. He is wise indeed.

DawnforgedCast has a good video tutorial for Pathfinder on Youtube called "Pathfinder Basics". 8 webisodes so far:

Pathfinder Basics - Part 1: Stats, Races, Classes.
Pathfinder Basics - Part 2: Skills, Feats and Equipment.
Pathfinder Basics - Part 3: Combat
Pathfinder Basics - Part 4: The Mini-Session
Pathfinder Basics - Part 5: Spells, How do they Work?
Pathfinder Basics - Part 6: LEVEL UP!
Pathfinder Basics - Part 7: MORE Combat
Pathfinder Basics: Part 8 - Magic Items

Update: new video added.
Pathfinder Basics: Part 9 - Rapid Character Creation

Update: new video added.
Pathfinder Basics: Part 10 - Point Buy, Traits and Character Creation

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