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SCAP Traits in PF?

Shackled City Adventure Path

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

When we started SCAP, four of the five players in my group decided to take the traits in the back of the book, and we decided to use them as written. We are, however, playing with PF rules, and now that we're almost done with 2 chapters, I'm contemplating changing the Traits such that they do not get the downside, similar to how PF traits work.

My question for you all is this: do you think the Traits are balanced enough as is if I were to remove the penalties, or should I reduce the bonus to the trait as well?

Here are the traits they've taken:
Scarred Soul - +2 Init, house ruled 10% chance to reroll critical 1; -1 Will save
Dream Haunted - No penalty when Fatigued; -2 save vs. madness or insanity, sleep.
Long Shadowed - auto stabilize, Negative Energy resist 5; Magic Healing reduced -1 per level
Touched in the Head - +1 on saves vs. mind effecting, confusion, insanity; -1 on Wisdom Skills

My first thought was remove the house rule on Scarred soul (which that player was ok with), and leave the others as is but without the negative side. In particular, the Long Shadowed one has been bad for our Rogue, who has been close to death a few times.


Dark Archive

There's a thread somewhere that has all the traits converted to Pathfinder. I think the dream haunted should be adapted somewhat or else it's really good for Barbarians or something.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I came up with a quick 'n dirty modification to the traits listed in the book here. Feel free to steal and/or adapt them - but let me know what you think about them!

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