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Moonwalk in Full Plate

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion


So I was busy making my new fighter for a desert campaign setting (he's a gypsy nomad who is looking to try and start his own city so that his people have a place to settle down, particularly his 7 year old daughter), when I noticed something I thought was a little odd.

Apparently, you don't take ACP penalties for the Perform (Dance) skill. This doesn't really affect my character too much since I'm wearing a chain shirt (although my total bonus to Perform (Dance) at level 1 is only +1, so I'm glad to not have to drop that to negatives), but it seemed a bit funny to me. Yes, Perform is a Charisma based skill, but dancing still requires a lot of flexibility and movement (though I suppose it depends on the dance).

Nice to know that those Armor Master fighters can still do the robot with no penalty if they choose to (or just drop their shields and start break-dancing, apparently).

By the same token, someone with say, 3 dex and str could still be a top notch dancer. Perhaps it is merely an abstraction that takes into account a person's perception of the dancer himself, for example, if you saw someone in full plate doing a dance, you wouldn't expect the same range of movement as from, say, a person wearing a leotard, so his performance with restricted movement draws the same reaction as his dance without, simply because observers only expect a certain amount of mobility.

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That just got me thinking of Cheliax's new public relations program, The Hellknight Dance Team!

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Any Monty Python fan knows that dancing in full plate is no problem.

We're Knights of the Round Table,
We dance whene'er we're able.
We do routines and chorus scenes
With footwork im-pecc-able.
We dine well here in Camelot.
We eat ham and jam and spam a lot.
We're Knights of the Round Table.
Our shows are form-id-able...

eakratz wrote:

That just got me thinking of Cheliax's new public relations program, The Hellknight Dance Team!

Hmmm... So You Think You Can Dance: Cheliax

"Sudden death" dance competitions
When they say a hellish dance instructor... they mean it!

Team names:

The Dancing Devils!
The Good Intentions (musical dance group)!

Here's where common sense enter the game. Just because the rules say you get fatigued when you sleep in heavy armor, it does not mean you can go the easy route and *do not sleep ever* to avoid the penalty.

I think the idea, tied into roughly what Malfus said, is that it's not so much that you can perform any dance in heavy armor as it is that you know and can perform a dance or a few that work even in heavy armor, or more abstractly are familiar enough with how you can move in the armor that you can still pull off something aesthetically appealing while wearing it.


I feel that Charisma has very little to do with one's ability to dance as is described in the 'Weird Al' Yankovic song That Boy Could Dance.

For further evidence, check out this video.


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Doesn't matter how graceful you are if you can't use your performance to make an impression on your audience.

Compare a band with stage presence to one that just plays their songs and leaves.

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