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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

The Shadow Lodge invades Houston, October 28th!

Local Play

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant aka Arutema

An event not seen in Houston since Owlcon 2011...

Join us in fending off the Shadow Lodge's assault in "Year of the Shadow Lodge" at Gerard's One Stop Gaming Shop in Houston on October 28th.

Seating of tables begins at noon. Characters of levels 1-11 are welcome.

Sign up on The Houston Pathfinder Society Warhorn.

And then, join as afterwards to deal with Absalom's Kobold menace in "Ambush in Absalom."

And again:
WHAT: "Year of the Shadow Lodge" and "Ambush in Absalom"
WHEN: October 28th from noon-8PMish
WHERE: Gerards One Stop Gaming Shop, 349 El Dorado Boulevard Houston, TX 77598
OTHER: Please bring a few bucks in cash to split the cost of pizza.

The Exchange ****

Sounds promising!

Grand Lodge *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Now on Facebook! Let me know if you need to be added to the group.

The Exchange ****


Grand Lodge *****

One week until the attack!

Grand Lodge *****

Victory for the Society!

I'd like to thank our table GMs, Marc Vanderbrink, Jacob Savage, and John Whitaker for making this such a success.

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