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Attacks Of Opportunity and You!

Gamer Talk

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Just a quick short to comedicly explain attacks of opportunity. Please note all participants have the "Improved Unarmed Strike" feat!

Yeah, we (another dm and I) got rid of the 5 foot step not provoking an attack of opportunity. If you make a move, yes, if you run, yes, if you carefully withdraw, no, so a 5 is yes for us.

Yeah, we made this video mostly as a joke of course, but at least partially because we always found ourselves trying to explain to each other how the damned thing worked...

Silver Crusade

I found it absolutely great. And it kinda explains the whole thing, too...of course it says nothing about retreat, but other than that, I got a good chuckle out of it. It looks quite professional, too - and you surely got me hooked to watch out for your Rolling High Series! ;)

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Iden wrote:

Went ahead and linkified it for you. That was really great, well done! :D

This is fantastic. Definitely sharing with my group.

Thanks guys! We're working on a few more shorts in various styles for other aspects of d20. Production quality is a high priority for us and I think, for the zero budget we have, it comes off pretty good.

I like how you were sort of going for the old timey "High School Health Film" feel to it. If you do more of them I'd love to see it taken further with black & white video, throw some scratches and hairs in the "film", have warbly audio in parts also cheezy jingle music under the whole time helps.

Informative AND entertaining!

The Exchange

I'm going to get some people in to Pathfinder, and your videos are a great representation on how everything works.

I can't wait for more!

Shadow Lodge

That was really funny, as was your other videos. While I disagree on a few in your Alignment video (pickpocketing I think would be NE), I love the style. You just got yourself a subscriber, and I will definitely show some of these to the people I will play Beginner's Box with. I would like to see your take on other classes, too.

Funny, cause I actually think it's almost certainly chaotic (being against the law) but could be argued to not be evil based on intention, but of course alignment is always a fun long conversation that every group ends up arguing about at some point. My production crew included. :)

Shadow Lodge

I see it as pragmatic villainy. Looking at the guy's face, though, maybe it is CE. Anyway, keep up the good work!

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