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The Worldwound Gambit Pathfinder tales question

Pathfinder Tales

I finished reading this book recently and really enjoyed it.
Prior to reading it I read a review that compared it to Ocean's 11 movie.

That is a good comparison: This book really has the feel of a group of con men, thieves, etc who pull off a grand heist. I do not want to give any spoilers, so I will leave it at that.

I found the characters to be interesting and I often found myself wondering what class/level each person would be. I suspect even a few prestige class/levels.

Perhaps someone (with more knowledge that me) could make at attempt at
Classes and level est for some of the characters in this book.
NOt really seeking a full stat write up, just simple class level estimate.

Any ideas?

Hendregan is of course a fire bloodline tattooed sorcerer.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Jerisa - rogue/ranger multiclass maybe with fitting archetypes (maybe rake)
Gad - rogue/bard - some archetype without all the singing, maybe archeologist
Vitta - rogue (archetype trapsmith)
Calliard - urban barbarian/rogue
Tiberio - fighter/rogue

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Legends Subscriber

I also just finished reading this novel. I enjoyed it the second time as much as the first!

All characters are within 1 level of each other
When the book gives a character a named class designation, then they are that class.

Jerisa - Rogue with Assassin prestige class
Vitta - Rogue (trapsmith Archetype makes sense)
Hendregen - Elemental (Fire) bloodline sorcerer
Calliard - Bard (either standard or archeologist archetype)
Tiberio - Fighter
Gad - the toughest to figure out. Likely a mix of rogue and bard, like Sebastian said.

Jerisa having the assassin prestige class means that the party is at least sixth level. We don't see Hendregan moving faster than everyone else so that caps the party out at 14th level. Based on the magnitude of what they accomplished, I would place them at a higher level, probably 12th or 13th.


Grand Lodge

As far as the classes the only one I would disagree with is Gad. To me Gad is definately a Rogue/ Fighter (Tactician). I was kinda sad that Hendregen was the only character to be in Blood of the City... even if it is a limited part. I really liked the Worldwound Gambit! I have been pleasently supprised by all the Pathfinder fiction!

Dark Archive Contributor

We aim to pleasantly surprise.


Dave Gross wrote:
We aim to pleasantly surprise.


Paizo Employee Creative Director, Starfinder Team

Dave Gross wrote:
We aim to pleasantly surprise.

We used to aim to make your head explode, but then our liability insurance went through the roof.

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