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Oathbound Paladins and Oath Spells

Rules Questions

Hey everyone.

I am currently looking into all Paladin options and stumbled upon a strange wording from the oathbound paladin:

Ultimate Magic wrote:

Oath Spells: A paladin’s oath influences what magic she can perform. An oathbound paladin adds one spell to the paladin spell list at each paladin spell level she can cast (including spell levels for which she would only gain spells per day if her Charisma were high enough to grant bonus spells of that level). Her oath determines what spell is added to the spell list. If the paladin has multiple oaths, the spells from each oath are added to her spell list.

If an oathbound paladin has more than one oath, she may prepare any one of her oath’s spells in that slot (similar to a cleric choosing one of her two domain spells to prepare in a domain spell slot).

This seems as if the Paladin would get an additional domain SLOT.

But the wording before only speaks about "adding to the LIST".
But since the Paladin is a divine prepare caster his "List" is the WHOLE Paladin spell list, isn't it?

I guess he actually gets these spells "automatically and additionally" prepared, but the wording really should be cleared up.

Thoughts anyone?

shameless bump


DracoDruid wrote:

This seems as if the Paladin would get an additional domain SLOT.

But the wording before only speaks about "adding to the LIST".

I was wondering the same thing. The way it is written doesn't say that you get an extra spell slot, but it implies that someone was thinking about it lol.

Has anyone seen this question come up in another thread? Is there an official answer?

Silver Crusade

You don't get a slot. You get a spell added to the list of Paladin spells. The comparison to the Cleric's Domain spells is what is causing the confusion and was probably a bad idea.


Assume I have a paladin capable of casting 1 first level paladin spell from the paladin list

If I am a normal paladin, I can only fill my spell slot with spells from the paladin list.

If I am an oathbound paladin however, I get one extra spell, Spell X, that is added to my list of 1st level paladin spells.

So as an oathbound paladin, when I am preparing my spell for the morning, I can select from the 1st level paladin spells + Spell X.

That is ALL it does. You basically get 4 Extra spells added to your Paladin spell list over the course of your career. Nothing more.

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