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Central Michigan GM meet-n-greet

Local Play

Dark Archive ****

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Hey all -

The PFS presence in central Michigan is gathering traction, and I'd love to see some of the local GMs show up and swap stories - perhaps over dinner at a local buffet-style place? The target for this is Saturday, September 29th (5pm) in Lansing, Michigan.

I've organized events like this in the past and most venues are ok with us running a game as well, provided that we're courteous and we've all purchased our meals. Please get ahold of me directly if you're interested in attending so that I can make appropriate reservations.

I'd love to get at least a half dozen of us (more, actually - but as a first outing I'll take what I can get!) for a fun evening. Players are certainly welcome; players with an interest in GM'ing are encouraged to attend!

I'd love to get my regional VC/ VL people to come out as well and will be sending direct messages to them too.

Silver Crusade *****

That sounds awesome! Though, I regret to inform you that on that particular day I'll be in Ustalav helping the whispering way out. :(

Sovereign Court ***

Hey Wart,

I am the new VC of East Michigan and I would love to come out to this to meet more of the central MI people. Keep me updated on the place and I will head out.

Dark Archive ****

Sure thing, Wabajck.

But... I'm not a "wart" :p Looking forward to meeting you!

Shadow Lodge ***** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Alma

Ok, take three at trying to find out if this is still on. Warfteiner? You around?

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