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Thank you, to everyone who helped create the Beginner Box.

Beginner Box

Shadow Lodge

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I'm about to start GMing Beginner Box for a group of possibly TEN 4th, 5th and 6th graders.

And yeah, I know I'm insane. But they were going to start asking random teenagers to GM for them. They're tiring of 4th Edition, and a few of them who have gamed with me have been telling the other kids about my GMing. I even had a mother offer to pay me.

I'm going to go with EdOWar's class conversions, and then attempt to "EdOWar-ize" up all of the races from the Advanced Race Guide for Beginner Box, as well. I'm calling it MonsterSquad ATTACK!, and I'll be running it at DTwenty Games in Normandy Park, WA.

I figure I'll make up some new goblin characters and have the whole chaotic pile of them go through "We Be Goblins!" to really get them to see how fun it is (along with all of the D&D Encounters players who will be there that Wednesday night - I have a feeling we'll have a few looky-loos). Then I'll let them make their own characters, whatever classes and races they want, and I'll start running them through a Sandpoint area campaign, using material from Rise of the Runelords, maybe Chopper's Isle, and The Brinewall Legacy (at least, the first half).
I haven't been this excited about running a campaign in years.
I have a feeling that when I get Pathfinder Society going at DTwenty in the next few months, this gang of kids will be responsible for converting over many more gamers than I ever could.

The reason I'm posting this is to thank the Paizo staff for the creation of the Beginner Box.

At Paizocon 2011, I actually had tears in my eyes while thanking Erik Mona, Jason Buhlman and Sean K. Reynolds for building the thing, because I remembered how much the D&D red box meant to me back in 1981, and I knew that my wife would absolutely FORBID ME to introduce it to my 10 year old son, such is her hatred of roleplaying and D&D.
To have gone from that a year ago to having her "pimp out" (her words) my GMing skills for babysitting services and not having a problem with my son playing Pathfinder -- it is incredibly meaningful to me.

Also, thank you, Ed (aka EdOWar) for doing the class conversions so that I can get these guys hooked on the full spectrum of Pathfinder, and then transition them over into regular Pathfinder, and Pathfinder Society. Ed, if you want those race conversions, you'll get 'em.

And to John Reyst and his, for always being there on my smartphone, so I can use up all of my battery, checking nuances of character class combinations, or any and all of the other minutiae of the game.

To Jason, Sean, Erik, Lisa, Jeff, James, Sarah, Wes... To all of you and more, THANK YOU. I am genuinely in your debt.

And I am really excited to see how ridiculously insane this is going to be.

- Rich Crotty
(Rebis Ouroborous)

Grand Lodge


Please keep us posted as to how it is going... Sound like good times all over again!!!

Shadow Lodge

I absolutely will. I plan on talking to the parents and checking to see if they'll allow their kids to post on these message boards, and that way, when I post adventure updates here, the players can post logs (in character, of course) for extra experience points.


Woo! Congrats and enjoy! :)

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