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No two of which

Rules Questions

When a spell says "No two of which can be more than 30 feet apart." does that mean all have to be within a 30 foot area and if so why use this confusing wording... or does it mean any person involved in the spell must be within 30' of another person involved in a spell making something like a chain?

I've always thought it was the latter but I'm being told I'm wrong and its the first definition... Darn me and my weird way of thinking....


It means that two of the creatures you intend to affect with the spell can be 30 feet apart at the most.

It is basically the first one.

Qadira RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, Contributor

None of the above?

Measure the distance between the figures and so long as there are no two more than 30 feet apart you are good. I'm not sure what a 30 foot area might be, a cube 30 feet to a side?

My first sentence is accurate, and the best way to do it.

My second sentence was trying to make it easy to understand, but I can see that it might be misleading.

Suppose you try to make a chain. A is 30 feet from B; B is 30 feet from C; and A is 60 feet from C. Now A and C are more than 30 feet apart. This violates the rule against any two being more than 30 feet apart.

It effectively caps the spell's "diameter" at 30 feet.

Of course, some area of effect limitations are written quite badly. For example, by RAW, an Oracle of Waves's Blizzard Revelation allows an Oracle to place two cubes next to herself and the other cubes anywhere she wants with no range limit provided they are placed in groups of two or more. Presumably, the intent was that there needs to be an unbroken path of storm cubes back to the Oracle from any given storm cube, but that's not what was actually written.

Qadira RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, Contributor

concerro wrote:

My first sentence is accurate, and the best way to do it.

My second sentence was trying to make it easy to understand, but I can see that it might be misleading.

Your post crossed with mine, I was replying to the OP only.

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