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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

PFS @ GASPCon (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) Nov. 2, 10, and 11, 2012

Local Play

Scarab Sages

Path Finder Society events will be run at GASPCon in Pittsburgh, PA this year. Event sign up is live at

If there are enough pre-regs, I might be able to add additional tables of each event. We'll see how it goes.


Eric Kiefer

Sczarni *****

I'll see if I can get over for this.


Any more tables? Pre-reg looked solid, only 2 tables with any openings left at of 2 weeks ago when pre-reg closed (before I'd heard about GASPcon.)

I was planning on attending mostly for PFS play, but if I'm not sure there's going to be seats I can grab, at least first thing on Friday, I'm going to have to change my plans and stay home... coming from Cleveland, so, $60 in gas to think about plus $100 in lodging.

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