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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

ST ship conversion to PF rules

Savage Tide Adventure Path

Hi all,

Has anyone done any conversions of the ships in ST to Pathfinder rules?

I've got a group currently halfway through BWG, and they've already come across Caravels, Brigantines and Sloops, and are now getting interested in actual detail on these vessels.

The PRD (and GMG) gives detail on several ships, but none that really map across (with the possible exception of Brigantine to Sailing Ship).

I'm thinking that I'm going to have to convert (using the PRD and Stormwrack) the Caravel and Sloop to PF statblocks, but has anyone already done this?

If not, I'll probably do so and post my attempts here.



Silver Crusade

I've just used the Sailing Ship stats for the caravel. It's not that far off.

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