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Paizo messageboard Jack O lantern carving and semi-contest

Off-Topic Discussions

Ok guys; it is that time of year again to pick what our topic of jack o lantern carving will be, always a lot of fun; we have already done over the years; witches, goblins, beholders, add if I have forgotten a year.

We need to pick our new theme for the jack o lanterns; hope you all will participate and post pics for Paizo braggin rights.

Monsters are the theme; so pick a monster; we havent done vampires so I suggest that since they have so much attention these days.

Shadow Lodge


I suppose a picture of a dragon could be carved; but be pretty hard to carve a pumpkin into a dragon; at least I dont have any ideas.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber

A side view of a dragon head on a pumpikin, or even stylized dragon its possible, but, well, meh.

I vote for Trolls!

Trolls might be fun, there is the one from the movie of the same name; the monster manual version; Was Grendal a troll? this has some possibilities hehe there is always the WOW version; could use carrots for tusks.

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